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Subway's Face Lift: Fixing Franchisor Flexibility

By now news of Subway's version 2.0—it’s hoped for rebirth and revival-- are available via the New York Post’s Monday piece. Insiders in the restaurant industry knew it was inevitable.

McDonald's to Eliminate Stores & Jobs

If you haven’t heard, McDonald’s hasn’t been doing all that well. They haven’t been doing all that well for some time now, and the company is going to close more U.S. restaurants this year than they open, something that hasn’t happened in 45 years!

Warren Buffett Copying 'Subway-Type' Sandwiches in His DQ Brand

Some insiders are questioning if legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffet has copied Subway's oven-toasted sandwiches in launching his Dairy Queen brand's latest national advertising campaign. The new ads are scheduled for September.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen CEO Talks Chicken Flu and Franchisees

"There is no avian flu in the broiler flock, which is the flock of chicken that we use for protein in our restaurants," says Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's CEO Cheryl Bachelder to CNBC's Jim Cramer, host of the investment show Mad Money.

Ex-Smashburger CEO Lawsuit Dismissed, Hardly Over

DOVER, Del. - After the former Smashburger CEO filed a lawsuit last July against the chain and owners Consumer Capital Partners for deceptively cheating him out of millions of dollars in stock, a Delaware court granted Smashburger's motion to dismiss the lawsuit last December.

If Chains Are Growing, Why Does Everyone Talk about Independents?

I recently attended an excellent conference in Hamburg, Germany put on by Gretel Weiss, the publisher of FoodService Europe & Middle East magazine. The crowd there was fantastic. There are great sponsors and there is always great content.  One of the presenters waxed eloquent about the dynamic and creative foodservice developments in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, saying that these things were on their way across the US and to Europe.

Convenience Stores Take Big Bite out of Pizza Servings

CHICAGO – Loads of pizza dough are making their way to convenience stores and into consumer stomachs. How much are convenience stores eating into traditional quick service restaurants' servings? Restaurant researcher The NPD Group provides this insight: Servings of pizza ordered by convenience stores increased by over 20 percent in the year ending in February 2015 compared to the previous year.

Zees Face Their Own Problems as McD Workers Press for Higher Minimum Pay

McDonald's Now Hiring. Photo by Blue MauMauWith demonstrations for higher worker wages heating up Wednesday at quick service restaurants across America and the world, attention is falling on the squeezed profit margins and weakened independence of McDonald's franchisees.