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Checkers to be Sold to Sentinel Capital Partners

Rally's sign

TAMPA, Fla. – Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc., announced late Friday afternoon that its private equity ownership group, Wellspring Capital Management, has entered an agreement to sell the company to Sentinel Capital Partners.

Franchisees Commit Big with Dickey’s for California

DALLAS—Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., a franchise chain of 372 restaurants in 43 states, announced today that it has struck a one hundred store development deal for California.

Failed Quiznos Franchisees Drag Maine Economy Down

Quiznos franchisees

PORTLAND, Maine - As Maine Quiznos franchisees fail miserably under a broken business model, some are questioning what detriment there will be to their state’s economy.

Zees Get a 10 Million Pound Second Taste of McDonald's UnMighty Wings

Franchisees are upset that they will have a second taste of McDonald's Mighty Chicken Wing dud. The franchisor needs to get rid of the giant sized portion that was left from its original 50 million pounds of chicken bought for its limited time offer in fall.

Mooyah’s Co-Founder Rich Hicks Speaks

Inside a Mooyah Burger, Fries and Shakes
Inside a Knoxville, TN Mooyah around 3:30 p.m. on a weekend. Photo/Blue MauMau

PLANO, Texas – At the end of October, the co-founder of the Mooyah better burger concept, Rich Hicks, sent notice (pdf) to the system's quick service restaurant owners, informing them that Mooyah and the firm's new CEO Bill Spae were parting ways.

Chick-fil-A Stealthily Upgrades to Healthier Food

Chick-fil-A has implemented healthy ingredients but done so stealthily so consumers wouldn't focus on the changes.

Fast Food Workers Strike! Industry Reacts

Labor demonstrations outside a McDonald's
A July fastfood strike in NYC. Photo by Annette Bernhardt

Spearheaded by the Service Employees International Union, fast food workers in American cities demonstrated on Thursday for higher wages. Workers want to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to a whopping $15 per hour.

Drone Pizza Delivery?

I love Amazon. It is so useful and fast, particularly here in the Bay Area where it seems like they can deliver a toothbrush overnight. This time of year Amazon sends a conga line of Fedex, UPS, USPS, and off-brand delivery trucks to my front door with all my Christmas shopping (ordered on  the weekend and at night). Now, Amazon has the great idea of using drones to help with delivery.

Are Drones Coming to a Restaurant or Hotel near You?

Drone with GoPro camera underneath

Unmanned drone using a GoPro camera / photo by Don McCullough

SEATTLE – On Sunday evening Jeff Bezos, CEO of multinational e-commerce company (NASDAQ:AMZN), said on CBS News' 60 Minutes television show that his firm is experimenting with delivering its products using drones.

McDonald’s Ads under Heat

With same store sales numbers that are flat, McDonald's is receiving pressure to shake up its advertising and its ad agencies.