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People Quit over Bad Schedules

Scheduling is a tough, time-consuming job for restaurant managers which nevertheless often results in disgruntled employees who start thinking another job would be a good move.

Top Restaurant Executives Hear Startling Words about Reaching Success

Larry Winget, a professional speaker and best-selling author, is looked upon by many people as a bracing change of pace when he tells them what he sees working in reaching success, although not everyone appreciates his unconventional approach.

Businessweek on Franchising: An Inch Deep Look

This week, Bloomberg Businessweek has a detailed cover story about Burger King’s (NYSE:BKW) leadership.

Flies Twice as Filthy as Cockroaches, but Restaurant Patrons Unaware

Sixty-three percent of restaurant patrons will continue eating after a fly lands on their food, but just three percent would do the same if it were a cockroach, according to a survey released by Orkin.

Restaurants Seek to Soften Impact of Higher Menu Prices

Higher commodity prices are forcing higher menu prices. Restaurant owners are searching for viable ways to dampen the necessary price increases and soften the impact on customers.

What Does Restaurant Refranchising Really Mean?

Two weeks ago, McDonald’s (MCD) announced it planned to refranchise up to 1500 units out of Europe and Asia Pacific, and announced a series of increased dividends and share buy back plans.

Menu Engineering: Raise Your Restaurant Profits Up to 15 Percent or More

After reading this article you will have learned how a single menu redesign can quickly lift your restaurant profits up to 15 percent, how future fine-tuning can further boost earnings, and how and why menu engineering works.

Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces Tabletop Tablets

Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces Tablets

MINNEAPOLIS – Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. (NASDAQ:BWLD) announced that it will use tablets for guests to order food, request songs, television programming, play video games and pay the bill.

Restaurant Acquisitions, Current Concerns

Watching some restaurant franchisee network acquisition efforts underway currently, a number of common issues seem to be emerging. The need to obtain the right price is enormous. Buying more restaurants is as final of a decision as is picking a site, signing a franchise agreement or building a new unit. You have only one chance to get it right.

Note to Restaurant Investors and Franchisees

Lately, there has been a spate of restaurant franchisors in heavy sales mode, pushing their concepts with little to no disclosure of sales or profitability.