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Addicted to Promotions

Last week I gave a webinar to a group of financial advisors and investor types on the transition to digital coupons, and I also spent a few minutes on the phone with a grad student in London who was exploring her options for a research project on customer loyalty. You wouldn't think that these two activities had much in common, but actually, they both had one single theme: promotion addiction.

Can Every Brand Tell a Story?

Two weeks ago I wrote about brand storytelling and started to break down what that really means.

Merchandising's Magic Bullet Syndrome

We’ve just recently released our annual Merchandising benchmark report, and with it, we’re starting to see a more focused picture of today’s merchant.

How Big Is Your Brand Story?

In July at the Omni-Channel Experience Forum, Jay Dunn presented on how retail marketers need to think like movies and TV shows when it comes to promoting their brands on all the digital channels that we use.

Before the Future Store Comes Strategic Discussion

I have a theory. It goes like this: retailers’ willingness to share about their challenges and strategies to address those challenges is inversely proportional to how obvious or public those strategies are.

My Evolving Mindset on the CEO as Rock Star

When politicians say their opinion on a particular subject has “evolved” you know you’re about to hear a complete flip-flop. I suppose it’s easier than saying “I was wrong.”

Employees Who Care

RSR has long sung the virtues of an empowered, knowledgeable workforce. It’s time to also sing the virtues of employees who care enough to do the right thing in a timely way.

2013, The Year of Measured Retail

PBS ran a documentary in the late 1990′s entitled “The First Measured Century”, where it described the phenomenal effort the United States undertook in the early 1900′s to begin measuring all kinds of things about Americans. (I highly recommend it.) 

What I Learned at the Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum

Last week I attended the MMCF – Internet Retailer’s Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum. I could attempt to organize everything I learned into some kind of story or structure and say that it all ties nicely together, but that would be really hard.

The Future of Merchandise Planning Incorporates Customer Segments

As many of you know, I was among the first IT execs in the United States to successfully implement a merchandise planning system.