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Starbucks CEO Says He Isn't Losing Sleep over Dunkin'

Starbucks' CEO Howard Schulz told CNBC on Friday that he isn't losing sleep from Dunkin' Brands strong earnings and its foray into selling franchise licenses in California.

Restaurant Predictions for 2013

Some interesting food for thought for the restaurant industry (pun inadvertent) as FastCasual provides its annual list of predictions.

Coffee Basics for Aliens

 So you’re sitting on a bench kind of putting off going to work or at least steeling yourself for it, and a spaceship lands. Out comes some sort of creature.

Coffee Cools, Especially at Starbucks

With the weather being some of the hottest in decades, one might think that iced coffee sales would be going through the roof. But if Howard Schultz, founder and CEO of Starbucks, seemed a bit jittery, it wasn’t from too much caffeine.

Cendant Founder Can't Prove Genius

Henry Silverman may be a genius, he just can't prove it in a New York court.

Dunkin' Donuts: Competitive Sales Pressure From The Coffee Wars

The Wall Street Journal highlights a study conducted by market research firm CustomersDNA LLC. It finds that McDonald's coffee consumers are more loyal to the Golden Arches than the customers who frequent Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.

Top 20 Restaurant Commercials Named

Ace Metrix has come out with the top 20 restaurant commercials for 2010, rated by consumers for watchability and persuasiveness. 

Entrepreneur of the Year Gala Held over the Weekend

Ernst & Young held its multi-million dollar, invitation-only, annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award gala last Saturday in California, recognizing exceptional owners or managers running  American high-growth companies.

Does Starbucks Need More Caffeine to Stimulate Sales?

Starbucks recently announced that it would shutter 600 of its more than 7,000 stores (8%) nationwide, shedding up to 12,000 full and part-time jobs.