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False Denial By Franchisee Creates Triable Issue of Fact

The Hockey Enterprises saga continues, with an interesting twist.

Franchisor Vicarious Liability: Idaho Adopts Control Test

In a case of first impression, Idaho Supreme Court holds that Operations Manual directives do not constitute sufficient control to hold a franchisor vicariously liable.

McDonalds Wins Spatula Smackdown Suit

A woman claiming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being hit with a spatula at McDonalds lost her attempt to hold MCD and the franchisee vicariously liable.

Ohio Beer Wine Distributors Win over MillerCoors

In July, 2008 Miller and Coors entered into a joint venture that created MillerCoors. In August, 2008, MillerCoors notified a number of beer and wine dealers that MillerCoors was terminating them on the ground that it was a "successor manufacturer" under the Ohio Alchoholic Beverages Franchise Act.

Kahala Sues Klutz For Unauthorized Transfer

The selling franchisee was a real Klutz, but the buyer was just plain stupid.

Noble Roman's Wins Summary Judgment in Franchisee Lawsuit. Will Pursue Counter Claims

A lawsuit was filed against the publicly traded franchisor in 2008.

Jewish Refugees Lose To Coca-Cola

A judge has given victory to franchisor Coca-Cola in its battle with a Jewish family who fled Egypt in 1965.

Ideal Image Laser Franchisee Gets Another Chance

Reversing in part, the 11th Circuit holds that sometimes a corporation may have standing even though unformed at the time a cause of action accrued.

Leary v. Pepperidge Farm

A territory may not be altered by changing the meaning of a word and ignoring a course of business dealing, says an appellate court in reversing a trial court.

Summary Judgment

Summary judgment is a decision made by a court. A judge makes a decision based on legal pleadings presented to him and finds that there is no need for trial.