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McDonald's Best for Value, Service, Customers Say

A recent survey of American restaurant patrons shows that when it comes to what factors influence which quick-service restaurants get visited the most, value is tops (58%), then convenience (57%

Franchising First – Franchisee Dissatisfaction Survey

our time will comeWell perhaps not. Australia’s 10 Thousand Feet is off and running with the first of the 2011 franchisee satisfaction survey rituals. Wait a minute; they are concerned that some franchisors may be wary of a poor showing.

New Zealand Franchising Analysis

The conduct of the Massey and Griffith Universities survey from which the data was taken appears to involve more effort than I have seen in any previous Australian study and for New Zealand it is a first.  Do the results line up with franchising’s global interpretations?

Aussie Franchisee Satisfaction Awards

SurveysThe 10Thousand Feet online survey of Australian franchisees indicates a 4 percent satisfaction improvement from the sector.  Franchisee optimism is also said to be on the rise while 70% of franchisors anticipate an increase in franchisee recruitment in 2011. 

Groupons Less Successful for Restaurants than for Other Businesses

A recent survey of Groupon promotions concludes that restaurants have the least favorable outcomes of the four largest business categories studied (restaurants, educational services, salons & spas and tourism, respectively), with 42 percent (20 out of 48) reporting an unprofitable outcome. 

SSP Estimates 18% Profit Growth in 2010 for Franchisor

SPOOFBERRA, Australia - Spore, Spawn & Pawn predicts Australian franchise system numbers will mostly hold in 2010 after sailing through the global financial crisis mostly intact while predicting franchisor revenue growth will grow by 9.13% affording the opportunity to grow profit by 18.11%.