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Restaurants Capitalize on Eating Healthy

CHICAGO – Consumers are seeking healthier menu options, like socially responsible brands and want more information, according to one foodservice researcher.

Biggest Restaurant Chains Grow 3.5% in 2013

CHICAGO – Restaurant researcher Technomic announced that the country's biggest 500 restaurant chains registered a 3.5 percent annual sales increase in 2013. That growth is significantly softer than 2012's 4.9 percent growth.

Bundled Soup and Salads Are a Big Pull on Consumers

CHICAGO— Soup and salad are favorite and classics of the American diet.

Consistency, Convenience Needed in Takeout

Carry out or dine in
photo by bmm

CHICAGO—51 percent of consumers report that they order takeout at least once a week, according to a recent finding by foodservice researcher Technomic.

Hotels Poised for Growth in Drink Sales

A tiny bottle of Maker's Mark that fits in a hotel room refrigerator
Tiny 50mL Maker's Mark bourbon bottle. Photo/ Don Sniegowski

CHICAGO— Adult beverages are increasingly important to hotels, many of which are focusing on their bar and beverage programs.

Americans Turning More to Restaurant Food for Thanksgiving

Denny's Dwarves' Turkey & Dressing Dinner themed for the Hobbit movie

Denny's Dwarves' Turkey & Dressing" dinner. From Denny's website

CHICAGO—Three out of 10 Americans plan to sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner this year that includes at least one prepared ready-to-eat dish from a retailer, restaurant or caterer. That is according to food market researcher Technomic.

10 Restaurant Trends that Will Shape 2014

A sign in Five Guys Burger and Fries tells you the pototoes are real and where they come from
A sign in Five Guys tells how real the food is

CHICAGO—As the year draws to a close, restaurant owners are busy planning and thinking about next year.

As Dessert Definition Expands, So Does Consumption

CHICAGO—What actually is dessert? Is it the sweet ending to a dinner meal, or something bigger?

Consumers More Ingrained with Seeking Restaurant Deals

CHICAGO-- Have Internet deal sites become an ingrained consumer behavior, even as the economy slowly improves? Recent research points in that direction.

Fast-Casual in 2013 Still Sizzles

A colorful Panera Bread. photo by bmm

CHICAGO – Fast casual makes up only 14 percent of the $223 billion limited-service restaurant segment, but its sales continue to sizzle past other segments.