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Investigative News

Marketers, Consumers Want More Protein

Branding: Clueless Quiznos and Stale Sbarro

Quiznos Postpones Key Hearing on Bankruptcy

Sales Shrink for Burger Chains

Visits Increase in Fine Dining Segment for Last Three Years

Franchisees Sue Papa Murphy's for over $23M; Allege Fraud, Misrepresentation

California Rules Forum Selection Clause in Limited License Agreement Enforceable

NY AG Settles Labor Violations with 6 Domino's Franchisees

Biggest Restaurant Chains Grow 3.5% in 2013

Unions Protest McDonald's Alleged Wage Theft of Workers' Pay

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Headlines from the 'Net

Chick-fil-A Spent 7 Years and $50 Million on New Grilled Chicken

Burgers Out Breasts In as Invasion Looms

Why Taco Bell’s Ronald McDonald Ads Are Off

Most Profitable Franchise. Ever.

Popular Cold Stone Owner Shutters Store, "Too Much of a Burden"

Why the Average McDonald's Makes More than Twice as Much as Burger King

2 Former Managers Say They Made McDonald's Staff Work without Pay

Menu Engineering: Raise Your Restaurant Profits Up to 15 Percent or More

Quiznos Bankruptcy Could Have Roots in Franchisee's Suicide

Johnny Carino’s Files for Bankruptcy

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Expert Advice

Darden: Look Beyond the Real Estate!

Sbarro and Quiznos: What Happened?

What Came First, the Consumer or the Brand?

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