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Miscellaneous issues. Discussions of things that do not fall in the other forum categories.
Dear Franny is a Question and Answer column for franchisees about their operational issues, written and moderated by Dale Nabors, President and Founder of FranSynergy, a provider of franchise back-office support services. Anonymous guests should click on the Dear Franny (Guest Post Questions Here). Members can sponsor their own thread.
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Forum discussions about various things not related to franchising.
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Franchiser related discussions such as how to begin a franchise network, data on the industry or managing a franchising system.
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These are forums and posting threads dedicated to advocating or opposing more government involvement in franchising.
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Comment posts under articles that are way off the topic of the subject of the blog or news article are put in the Ranter's Soap Box. As an etiquette to the author of an article, comments under their articles should stay on the narrow topic that the article discusses. Way off topic comments and rants are placed here.
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Buying a Franchise
A look at due diligence. Available Resources. And the limits of due diligence.
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Discussing independent franchisee associations
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Have You Heard About This Franchise Concept?
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This is the place for scary franchise stories, whether it be tales of gore of a specific franchise concept or horror stories to terrorize and amuse of wrongful termination from the old corporate life. (Yeah, remember that old life?) Horror stories welcome.
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Forums moderated by Franpro
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So you've bought a franchise. Stories of brand new franchisees.
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Managing and leading a franchise
$ales and Marketing
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By permission of the American Bar Association's Forum on Franchising, these are forums and discussions around the legal workshops of the 2009 event in Toronto, Ontario.
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Forums on capital issues and finding capital
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Discussion about minority issues that concern franchise owners and buyers.
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Managing Humans
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All issues related to operating for single-unit, multi-unit, area developers and master franchises
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Share experiences on specific topics that follow an editorial schedule that may be used for a news article.
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Discussions on issues related to leaving your franchise
Topics in relation to selling a franchise
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by Granville_Bean
What do you do after deciding to leave your franchise?
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by Ray Borradale
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by Fryerdog
News and issues about Blue MauMau's social media. This is where we discuss platform problems, posting issues, and reader suggestions on how to make the site better.
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A discussion place for the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights.
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