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  • Filta Fry   2 weeks 14 hours ago

    Any updates about Filta would be greatly appreciated.

  • PuriFry Vs Filtafry   2 weeks 17 hours ago

    I would be interested in receiving information about your offer/product.
    Thank you,
    Terry Vance

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Hello Franny. I would like to know if you have heard of the franchise called Burgerim and if you have any information on them.
    A recent opportunity came up for me to get into the franchise and I would like to know what people are saying about them.
    Please and thank you.
    You can reach me at

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   3 weeks 2 days ago

    I owned and operated a quite successful Mail Boxes Etc. store for over 10 years...UNTIL UPS bought the brand. MBE was sold down the river by its then-CEO, Jim Amos. UPS never understood the Mail Boxes Etc. concept, all they wanted was a lot of dropoff locations. Which they got, at a bargain price. MBE store owners got the shaft.

    Call Hankes, or at least get a referral from him for another legal. Many of us MBE owners who sued UPS actually got a decent settlement. As result of UPS' actions in destroying the MBE brand, I will NEVER use UPS ship anything again, ever!

    Ex-Mail Boxes Etc. Owner

  • Franchise Horror Stories   3 weeks 3 days ago

    I had a similar experience with Subway. I was the "fair haired boy" for 9 years beating all their expectations. Then when I wanted out they turned the tables. I had fund a suitable buyer for my contract and Subway then terminated my contract so they could collect the buyers payment. I couldn't sue them because of a clause in the framchise contract that forces you to their arbitrator. The deck is of coursed in their favor as they use this arbitration for hundreds if not thousands of cases and I would only use them once. It took them a year to decide the case and although they ruled in my favor they did not allow any damages. A real collusion between Subway and the American Arbitration Association in NY.

  • Franchise Horror Stories   3 weeks 4 days ago

    The simple facts are these. Franchising is, and will never again be, what it was at one time. Regardless of concept it is today's multi-unit franchisees who have been with systems for a very long time are those that are most successful. Whether one is considering an emerging franchise or an established one the days of maximum EBITDA and real cash flow are over. Today, investing in a franchise is no less then, in most cases, buying yourself a job. Even then due to the costs of doing business, rules, regulations, rental prices for space, cost of goods, service business trends, and the next newest thing cast serious infection on the industry in general. Why the pursuit by little known or even well established franchises to international markets? A rhetorical comment really. When you can pay 1/8th the wage amounts in other countries and avoid reporting actual sales while paying far less in taxes you can be sure that's where the crowd is headed. Franchisors continue to tighten their franchise agreements to hold you personally liable in nearly every instance, blanket you with post term covenants that could and will cause you financial ruin, and have figured the very many ways to manipulate the FDD so that even your due diligence will be skewed in their favor. While true there are some successful and prospering brands and services they are today anomalies and not the rule in franchising. No matter what the IFA would have you try to believe Franchisings best days are now visible in the rear view mirror.

  • Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness   4 weeks 12 hours ago

    How I sold my franchise was to just sell everything. I found a group that wanted to start their own gym with no franchise fees. I sold everything to this group. I even sold the carpet and the mirror. They tore that place down to any empty shell. I got just enough to cover my shitty lease with Main Street. They were an awful group that charged me 11% interest and even after paying on the equipment for 3.5 years, I still owed 62k of the original 122k. There is no way to sell it as Snap did 0 to help me and they were pissed when I sold the equipment and was able to escape. I ended up losing 75k on my invest and feel lucky it wasn't more. I should of gone with Visiting Angels. I probably would have been less screwed and still owning it today.

  • Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness   4 weeks 12 hours ago

    I opened in 2006 in Illinois when the number of open stores was under 200. I was told 24 hour tanning and 24 hour gyms were legal in Illinois with no attendants. I received a letter in the middle of 2006 saying I was opening an illegal gym from Ms. Madigan, the current Attorney General. I was sent three letters in all and Snap did nothing. They told me it was my problem to check local laws, even though they had sold many licenses telling all franchisees that it was legal. I got lucky since at that time Blagojevich was just indicted and she forgot about me. Also, Iwas told that at my grand opening, a Snap Rep would be there to help me with the final details. No one showed up and the location they told me was good, turned out to be terrible. The recession and the high fees killed my gym by late 2009. I closed in November 2009. I lost everything and Snap still wanted their money for the remailing 15 months. I made the biggest mistake of my life and can't believe I signed that crap agreement. From what I hear, the agreement today is twice as long and twice as bad. I feel sorry for all the buyers of a Snap and can't believe even one id still open. I had a great personal trainer and good members, but the fees, competition and lack of help from Snap eventually killed it.

  • Franchise Horror Stories   4 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   5 weeks 6 days ago

    In today's world it means more to know your employees or volunteers beyond a resume or a smile. Many graduate students are attaching to their resumes their background screening information to push them ahead of other applicants who dont.

    With I9 Forms being a federal requirement, sex abuse screens, social security checks, fingerprint impressions, terrorist watch lists to name a few issues in our social world, franchisees should screen their employees.

    These screens only costs a few dollars and helps your brand or local franchise build competence and loyal confidence.

    This note is to build a knowledge level beyond franchise core business solutions.

    For example does anyone reading this know how criminal records are processed and where they originate?

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   6 weeks 8 hours ago

    I can only guess that 1/3 to 1/2 of all UPS stores will be bankrupt within 5-10 years because the shipping has dried up so much.

    The top 1/3 stores will survive because of great locations and because they excel in Print or Freight

    Another serious factor is many cities are going to $15 an hour min. wage and this will further kill many stores ( I dont blame some cities for doing so because how can anyone survive on 8 bucks an hour in a high price city).

    My store was low end profits but I was able to make only 50,000 a year because I had extremely low overhead or I would have went bankrupt years ago. I also charged more for Mailboxes and packaging to help me survive as other stores also do.

    UPS STore was a superb idea back in the 90's and up until around 2010 or so. UPS corporate also targets your best customers with "house accounts" and now they allow people to ship packages to your store without having a mailbox and you only get less than $1.000 lol
    You cannot win lol

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   6 weeks 8 hours ago

    In order to survive many stores are going to greatly inflate the prices because they will go under if they dont.
    When the shipping dries out ( and it has thanks to technology) it becomes very tough to make it in this business unless you offer the FEX EX type of Print service. Many owners are stressed out because all they see is 100-300 drop offs a day and this takes a huge mental toll. Still sorry they ripped you off.

    I would strongly guess the lower 1/3 of all UPS STores will be out of business within 5-10 years because they are struggling right now and are lucky to make 25,000 a year.

    The top 1/3 of all UPS stores will survive because of their great locations and because they excel at things like Print or Freight .

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   6 weeks 8 hours ago

    Yes I know, the model has greatly changed and now UPS wants you to succeed as a Print Store.
    We all went into this because of the shipping and packaging ,but with 80 percent of your packages being pre-paid you have to go into Print Service to succeed or do Freight.
    Utterly amazing how much the business changed the last 5 years or so ,and I went from maybe 20-30 prepaids a day to triple that with 1/3 less shipping.
    To make things far worse, UPS continues to make you pay for super high priced Computers and Software almost every 2 years which really drains your profits. Starting last year they introduced a new program where people can now send packages to your store without having a mailbox. This program was the end of it for me and I since sold the business and got out. I had to sell the store for a loss of tens of thousands but i had no choice.
    Would I recommend this business ?? NO WAY .. unless you are very good with networking on VERY GOOD with producing Fed-Ex quality prints

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   7 weeks 3 days ago

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    ups tracking

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   7 weeks 4 days ago

    You can't expect the absolute best of the best from small shops based around candy and floral. Ar we really going to expect high quality POS systems from small businesses and mom-n-pop shops?

  • Franchise Horror Stories   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Anna, did you ever write this paper? I used to own a franchise and now I am a consultant helping people buy franchises that are suitable for them. If you'd like opinion I'd love to share; if you wrote paper, I'd like to read.


  • PuriFry Vs Filtafry   8 weeks 6 days ago

    Do you have any pics ? of the machines you make ?

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   9 weeks 4 days ago

    I am looking at making an investment in this company. Can anyone who has experience with them please contact me at

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   10 weeks 3 days ago

    I hope you didn't sign on the dotted line.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   10 weeks 3 days ago

    Still a big fat no!!! Run far and fast

  • CertaPro Painters: VERY High Franchisee Failure rate   11 weeks 11 hours ago

    I purchase a franchise about 20 years ago. I was told very similar ideas, but it does not work. Painting business is not a cookie cutter business. The fact that you are going to different locations and have to solve issues that can not be anticipated. Painting is just not that simple. Do not fall for their lies. I had to give up my franchises and ended up going to court to defend myself. I have started several businesses in construction and other businesses since my Certa franchise experience. The overhead cost and limitation by the franchise system just don't work in a construction/painting setting. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR LIES. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A FRANCHISE. YOU WILL BE COMPETING WITH SMALL BUCKET PAINTERS. THEY CAN WORK FOR NEXT TO NOTHING AND WIN THE JOB EVERY TIME, WHILE YOU HAVE TO PAY FRANCHISE FEES AND MARKETING COST THAT WILL TOP 20%. NO WAY TO MAKE MONEY.

    I settled my lawsuit and had to pay them some money to go away. I am certain even their coaches could not make money running a franchise. During my 2 year as a franchise owner they had many failures which they blamed on the franchise owners. Which was not true. It has been a long time for me, but I just don't want anyone to fall for their lies and lose money. Go out on your own and save the money. Ask a local painters to help you. Call your local Sherwin Williams and ask them to recommend a local painting company that can help you. It will significantly increase your chance of success. You do not need their training It was not worth the money. Just buy that painters a few lunches and dinner and spend one month working with him. That will work much better.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   11 weeks 3 days ago

    Where can i purchase this book?

  • MAACO   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Initial Public Offering Guy has left the company.

  • MAACO   11 weeks 5 days ago

    I wonder why none of these franchising corporate rock stars never leave their jobs to own the franchises they sell? They just seem to move around every couple of years pumping their resumes with all kinds of non-quantifiable accolades. They all move around as a crew. Why are a bunch of Burger King failures - they are all former executives of Burger King - traveling as a corporate crew? Why do none of them invest in the franchises they are managing/selling? What do they know that we do not?

  • MAACO   11 weeks 5 days ago

    These folks are typical scam artists. Ten years ago the big thing was rebates. You pay up front, only to find out later that you did something? wrong that disqualifies you for receiving the rebate. Bumper special for 129 after 50 dollar rebate. Who falls for that rebate crap anymore? The hacks that run corporate Maaco just keep recycling old bait and switch campaigns. Do you know how hard it is to "up-sell" customers on this crap?

    When you go to buy into Driven Brands the powers that be will be selling you on their ability to innovate and how they are taking things to the next level. The reality is they are just a bunch of overpaid hacks trying to sucker you into an outdated business model.

    Your business fails, they still make their bonus. Rebate on you franchise fees? Good Luck!