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  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   39 min 50 sec ago

    There are only 23 International franchisees, they are not renewing (Like me!) , the concept is fine but the money invested is not returned as a positive - All negative and going down,down, down. Also the 57 left in the U.S is also lower as many phones have been disconnected or your are routed to another site. I feel sorry for the new owners who will probably have no choice but the cease trading very soon. Overall I think that only approximately 70 if not less left in this business.

  • PuriFry Vs Filtafry   1 day 7 hours ago

    I am the sales manager for Green Tech Kitchens. We are the authorized dealer for the Zeco Micro-Filtration machines. The biggest things that we see are that many machines and services never clean to under 10 micron which is where all of the truly dangerous * aldehydes, ketones,(The simplest carbonyl compounds are aldehydes and ketones) and come out of the oil at about 10 micron or less. Machines sold by the thousand nationwide allow for a ton of blow by on the filter media which in turn then kills the filtration process altogether, leading the restaurant staff to believe that filtration in general doesn't work. The problem with filtering services (we operate a full service filtering service) is that they only filter 1 or 2 times a week. Would you brush your teeth only this often? Of course it doesn't cut your oil usage in half or more.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 days 4 hours ago

    That, my friend, is why I would NEVER buy a franchise again!!!

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   2 days 10 hours ago

    I counted the international franchises a couple days ago and there were only 31! That is a far cry from the 300+ worldwide that their website states (57 total in the U.S. at last count). I think the Wheelers are just trying to milk every penny they can out of it before they go bankrupt...from what I've read they sunk every penny they had and more into this franchise. Kinda sad.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   4 days 13 hours ago

    are there any open stores still remaining in the U.S.?

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   5 days 6 hours ago

    It's true, things at Foot Solutions are better now...much much better. But doesn't this always happen during times of recession? Business goes well, business falls off, business picks back up. It's true there was a time when Foot Solutions corporate underperformed, but if I am not mistaken the same things happened to companies like Ford, Macy's, WalMart, just to name a few. My experience is that you get out exactly what you put in!

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   1 week 1 day ago

    This was a ridiculously long post, that didn't really mean anything. Interesting how there are a few visitors popping into the "Horror Stories" thread to say how wonderful FS is and how anything wrong must be the franchise owners faults. Sounds real familiar to me. Judging by some of the posts in here, it looks like FS corporate is trying to sell franchises again.

    Good Luck with that...

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   1 week 1 day ago

    Foot Solutions December 2, 2014

    89% = 91% - 2%
    Score Promoters Detractors
    Rolling 3 Months Increased 0%
    88% = 90% - 2%
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    Rolling 12 Months Decreased -1%
    88% = 90% - 2%
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    Year-to-Date Decreased -1%

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    Completed Surveys 101 Clients Responded
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    Recent Feedback

    Foot Solutions of Acworth

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Fred Finzer
    Personal, knowledgeable, and seems to be in no rush to quickly get me serviced and onto the next customer.

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Murl Mc Call
    You all carry a wide variety of shoes, as well as socks and other items. The best part about going to Foot Solutions is the service. Ron and Julie are both very knowledgable. My husband recently visited the store after his doctor informed him that he needed some specific shoes because of some sores on his foot. Ron was very careful to measure him for the needed shoes. We also bought some compression socks and silicone toe guards that were recommended by his wound care doctor. My husband and I were so impressed that I went back on Small Business Saturday and bought some Thorlo socks for my brother-in-law for Christmas. We will be returning to Foot Solutions in Acworth on a regular basis.

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Peggy Holcomb
    Julie and Ron are very knowledgeable of their products. They take the time to learn what I am needing & they go out of their way to make sure my shopping experience is complete and fun. I have even been advised not to purchase shoes until I got used to my orthotics which would have make a false impression on my new shoes. I so thoroughly enjoy going to the shop to even visit with them, Jacob is also a great help in identifying my needs and selecting my choices and helping where needed. All in all I find this store a very pleasurable place go shopping for my shoes and find the experience quite pleasurable at all time.

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Shannon Bond
    I can wear shoes again and walk all day long and not crash when I got home.

    10/10 Stephanie Jones
    I needed orthodics for my feet and the staff was very curtious and knowledgeable.

    Foot Solutions of BUCKHEAD

    10/10 Pamela Poole
    I have and will continue to shop at your store, because your product selection is superior to any stores in Atlanta. I also, appreciate the warm/knowledgeable staff. It is comforting to have this store available to me.

    Foot Solutions of Caldwell

    10/10 Paul Sammon
    the open consultative approach to finding a good solution for me

    10/10 Bernice Stewart
    Kathryn DeFabrizio provided excellent service to My mom... She was patient, knowledgeable About the products and she made My mom feel very comfortable...
    Overall experience was a 10+..

    10/10 David Guardado
    everybody was really nice and really attentive

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Gayle Struble
    The service is tremendous, so patient and helpful. I have already recommended three people and am working on more!

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Dale Spektor
    They are always great quality.someone is always willing to special order for me. I receive prompt calls when my item is in.

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Patty Hassler
    Good quality products and knowledgeable sales help.

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Donna And Joe Del Giudice
    Foot Solutions carries the best shoes around!

    Foot Solutions of CEDAR RAPIDS

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Beth Mysak
    I really like the name brands that you carry.
    Services are great, I've been there many time. some times to looked around, some times to buy.
    I love visiting and buying from smaller businesses as often as I can.
    I would like to see Gravity Defyer brand. I've been so anxious to try them.

    10/10 Janice Schoon
    That you take the time to show different styles to find the one I liked and get the right fit for my feet.

    Foot Solutions of Easton

    10/10 Dolores Heiser
    This was my first experience with your company.
    I was served with total respect and as a person.
    Your sales associate, Sharon, totally knows her product.
    I will definitely work with her when I come back.
    I called to tell Sharon that I'm having problems with my shoes and they are uncomfortable to my feet and she said to come back in and she will follow up why. I rally appreciated that.

    10/10 Dawn Neil
    Personal service, advice and recommendations

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Debbie Bozes
    No Comment Supplied

    10/10 Loyalty remained unchanged Marie Dorney
    I need the better shoe and arch support and have not been dissatisfied with anything I have bought so far. As a matter of fact I just bought three new pairs of shoes and am quite satisfied with all 3 pairs.

    10/10 Lorraine Jerdon
    Staff is very helpful. This is the first time in 10 years that my feet don't hurt anymore!

    9/10 Deb Burrows
    quality and comfort

    8/10 Mike Hagen
    While I understand selection in all sizes is impossible for a store of this size the putting down full price to try a pair in the exact size needed and waiting a week requires more patience than I am used to.

    5/10 Frances Alban
    We have yet to receive shoes paid for

    Follow-up with this customer

    Foot Solutions of ESTERO

    9/10 Charlotte Rhine
    The one-on-one personal attention. No rush. Competent.

    7/10 Colleen Brady
    I am not happy with the shoe inserts.

    10/10 Barbara Martino
    They were professional, thorough, friendly and of good value. I was recommended to Foot Solutions by a Physical Therapist who knows I need good support for my ankle. I joined their Member program and will be buying my shoes there. I have recommended their store 4 times since I shopped there two weeks ago. Their selection is good and I know I will be buying several more pairs there in the future.

    10/10 Phyllis Luts
    Special attention paid to fit and comfort

    9/10 Helen Glenn
    Individualized for foot problem.

    10/10 Loyalty increased Judy Cochran
    the staff is well trained and seems to genuinely care about meeting your needs.

    10/10 Nancy Johnson
    They fit well . The two clerks I dealt with took time
    with me and answered all my questions.

    10/10 Jo Gallico
    Very genuine and caring staff. Nice display of 'attractive' foot wear that is also comfortable.


  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   2 weeks 19 hours ago

    You don't have to tear others down, to build yourself up. Reprehensible attitude.

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   2 weeks 3 days ago

    "The issue with Foot Solutions is that most of the franchisees are old, fat and lazy."

    That's quite a condemnation of the franchisor that most of its franchisees it has recruited and that remain in the system are old, fat and lazy. It sounds like Foot Solutions needs a lot more than Yarnell, better marketing and a phone that works.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 weeks 4 days ago

    It seems to have been awhile since hearing anything about Quiznos in quite some time, it does not appear the current ownership is doing much/enough to turn things around since emerging from bankruptcy? How many locations are left at this point?

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   2 weeks 5 days ago

    The issue with Foot Solutions is that most of the franchisees are old, fat and lazy. I run a very successful Foot Solutions and it's because I don't bitch and complain about every little thing, I work hard every day and I use the tools that corporate provides. Since they hired Michael Yarnell at corporate, the marketing is better than ever and we finally have someone to get in touch with when things are needed.

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   3 weeks 3 days ago

    These comments confuse me. It's been several years since I opened my Foot Solutions store and I have never had an issue with corporate. After reading all of these posts I think that two things are evident here. First, the economy of years past ws hard on some Foot Solutions franchisees, it was hard on all of us. Every independant business owner will tell you that sometimes things are good and sometimes they are not so good. They might also tell you that you can't place blame for the success of failure of your business on someone else. The corporate team at Foot Solutions is constantly promoting self-marketing programs that are designed to get new customers, I have used a number of them and I have to say that for me they have worked, in fact I have doubled my volume in the last year.

    My second comment is about commitment. I have worked with a number of Foot Solutions franchisees who have asked me "what is your secret" and my answer is usually the same. I tell them that I follow the process that corporate has set up and I focus my efforts on making the in-store experience a good one for my customers. Any business will fail if you just sit back and wait for something to happen. Running a business is about working hard to build a business through a long-term commitment. It won't happen overnight, but if you hold yourself and your team accountable, you will see growth. I am very happy that I found Foot Solutions and that I get to come to work every day and help people...and that I get paid for doing it.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   3 weeks 4 days ago

    By my calculations - Only 57 remain. Not good.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   3 weeks 5 days ago

    There are wires that are used for holding insulation between rafters that work great for bouquets. Check with a local insulation company or hardware store.

  • PuriFry Vs Filtafry   3 weeks 6 days ago

    I've operated as a one/two man business offering a (usually weekly) deep fat fryer management call. At the call the customers would receive a service that:
    * economically
    * safely,
    * regularly,
    * and with the good will of their staff addressed their problem

    As long as what you offer, provides them with the relieve from any combination of factors

    * private pub:- landlord couldn't be bothered, so hired me.
    * two hospital NHS trust:- the figures at first but then, the lack of any issues to bother them
    * big catering management company branch:- head office approved, plain and simple
    * theme park:- safety a big factor, they only employed kids!
    * conference centre:- little extra free help he got, lead to a doubling of business value

    Every potential customer has a different reason

    If anybody is still interested in any of this stuff I have lots of experience I cam share.

    [email protected]

  • Coffee News   4 weeks 3 days ago

    I spent 8k on initial investment, and 75 bucks per week on royalties. Before expenses, I made 6k my first year. I couldn't actually afford my second year. Small business owners sometimes don't understand or cannot afford advertising, with the rise of social media, my Coffee News editions became irrelevant. This was in 2006. Printing, gas and royalties are all higher now. I learned a lot, but my experience with Coffee News was very financially horrifying.

  • Teeth Whitening Business   4 weeks 4 days ago

    IDEAL SMILE - Best teeth whitening franchise deal.

  • Teeth Whitening Business   4 weeks 4 days ago

    IDEAL SMILE Lounge - The best exress teeth whitning!

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   4 weeks 5 days ago

    I've been reading through a number of these comments and posts and I must tell you that I find them insulting and infuriating. I have owned a Foot Solutions franchise for a number of years and I have watched many franchisees come and go. Of course I am always saddened when I see a well-meaning franchisee lose everything, but at the same time, I understand clearly why it happens. Running a franchise business is not like having a normal nine to five job. Far too many people enter a franchise relationship with a false belief that it will be easy because there is a model already set up. What most people don't consider prior to taking the leap is that when you commit to a franchise lifestyle, you become an entrepreneur. You are responsible for managing your business including marketing, inventory, cash flow, customer acquisition and retention and general day to day operations. You may have a list of resources at your disposal from a corporate standpoint (just like we all do at Foot Solutions) however it is ultimately your responsibility to implement and manage those resources. Here's my opinion, Ray Margiano is NOT responsible for your success or failure. Everyone who starts a business does so knowing that business is fickle. You may or not make it. If you are a Foot Solutions franchisee and you are in financial trouble you must do what any other independant business owner might have to harder. As a Foot Solutions franchisee, I have talked with many of my fellow store owners. Some have mastered their businesses and others barely maintain. It has been my observation that those who fail do so because they refuse to take complete and total responsibility for their shortcomings. You cannot rely on a corporate entity to build your business for you. They are not responsible for insuring that you have a clear marketing plan, they are not responsible for your lack of planning and execution.

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   5 weeks 7 hours ago

    You sound like you did everything right except follow through....that is your responsibility as a business liked helping people and you got good training...just needed more customers...the FS model is built on a referral basis and most successful stores say 70% of their new customers are referrals. This only happens if you or your staff do the referral networking and follow up to make it happen. Just one new
    customer a day in the FS model is $50k a year in sales. Why are you blaming someone else for what you did not do......

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   5 weeks 8 hours ago

    On web site 1 888 fit foot or direct email from web corp # 770 955-0099 based in
    Atlanta anytime from 9 am to 5:30 we would be happy to talk to you about any subject

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   5 weeks 13 hours ago

    I'm interested to discuss more about this topic.

    From what I know from my limited studies so far there's ways in which franchisees are treated equally and ways in which they're treated different depending on their needs and individual situations.

    For example when it comes to financial obligations, my understanding is that both in respect to royalty fees and marketing fees, franchisees should be treated equally in terms of being charged the same percentage rates for each of these fees. That being said, naturally, the bigger the operation, the more they'll obviously contribute as these percentages take an increased amount from their profits, but in the greater sense as profits increase, and fixed costs are set, high performing franchisees should still be able to generate higher levels of profit even after paying larger amounts in dollar figures to the franchisors.

    In terms of non-financial arrangements between franchisors and franchisees, some of this seems to depend on the relationship and communication between franchisors and franchisees. As is often the case, the squeaky wheel does get the grease in that franchisees that call on franchisors for more help will often receive more than their average share of time and assistance from franchisors. This can go both the way of well performing franchisees that then seek more support as well as under-performing franchisees that want assistance to boost their bottom lines.

    I think that most franchisors will put on area managers whose role is to support franchisees on the basis of managers across a particular country looking after roughly the same number of franchisees to try and allow for a similar amount of cover of management's support in terms of time and effort devoted to each franchisee. And I would assume that franchise operations management would try and suggest that these area managers spend a roughly equal amount of time with each franchisee wherever possible.

    Again, although I am not an expert on the subject, I would have to think that there may be some instances where if a conflict arises between a particular franchisee, and the relationship between this franchisee and the franchisor is adversely impacted, how they are treated may change for the worse and have some impact on their business and financial viability. If this were the case, it would be up to the franchisee to review the terms of their agreement with the franchisor to see if any breaches have been made or any obligations are not met. Additionally they would need to prove that they are not receiving the same treatment of other franchisees to mount a case for recourse.

    It's an interesting discussion and I'd like to hear more views on this and what the nature of such claims area.

    Thank you.


  • Franchising in Australia   5 weeks 13 hours ago

    Hi Al,

    I'm new to this site and am just in the early stages of considering whether to create a franchised business in the coffee industry in Australia.

    As you are no doubt aware, we have a well established and mature franchise industry in Australia, and in particular the coffee industry has a number of strong and successful franchised operations.

    As a new start-up gaining exposure to and awareness of potential franchisees is a very important and often challenging exercise. Franchise directories are one way to approach this, as are franchising trade shows, we also are looking to work with selected business brokers to attract interest from their clientele. At the moment our main focus is on word of mouth and generating interest from potential franchisees who know of our current operations and wish to partner with us given what they know of how we currently operate.

    My view is that it's an uphill battle to get established in any franchise market as there's strength in numbers in terms of the perception of being a successful and popular franchise to invest in when you've got good numbers of outlets on board, as well as the economies of scale achieved in training, product supply and all other areas of support to franchisees. Not to mention the greater advertising reach you can achieve when your marketing fees generated from franchisees give you a lot more buying power in all forms of promotions across different streams of media.

    But certainly potential franchisees are no fools and should be careful with their due diligence before investing. There are many franchise start-ups that seem to gain great momentum that may not have sustainable business models so hopefully time will tell in regards to how to achieve traction in the market and draw the right type of franchisees to a quality operation.

    I hope your directory site is going well and has been popular with both franchisors and potential franchisees. I believe that the more information that is available and accessible, the better informed decisions people can make and the better fit can be achieved in matching franchisees with the right franchise system in which they can invest.

    I'm happy to hear more of your views on this if you have the chance.

    Thank you.


  • Teeth Whitening Business   5 weeks 22 hours ago

    I live in Michigan and would love to get more information. Please email me. [email protected]