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Nexsen Pruet franchise lawyers can help you replicate your success smoothly

  • Liberty Tax   19 hours 4 min ago

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  • Teeth Whitening Business   1 day 16 hours ago

    Hi, I'm interested in starting my own teeth whitening business in Atlanta also and would like to know how you got started and if you were able to get certified

  • Coffee News   2 days 6 hours ago

    Im not interested in arguing with anonymous posts on here  (or anywhere) about our services or how we can help people.  

    I (as FactsWeekly) provide a legitimate service to our subscribers and we are certainly not a copycat of some other business.  We have no interest in copying CN or any other business model for that matter. I am aware some have done great by owning a CN franchise, thats great and I have no problem with their success. It sounds like they found a business that works for them.  But I also believe the franchise model in this business serves (profits) mainly the franchise and that is why we operate so differently from CN and others.  

    As far as branding, that is honestly not an issue. Each paper creates its own image (brand).  Ive never been impressed with CN content, and that was one of a dozen reasons I never pursued CN and wouldnt see the benefit of working under that brand name.  There are more benefits to being autonomous  and developing your own brand, rather than succeeding or failing because of people's preconceived ideas about a franchise brand.

    And no, Im rarely on Facebook or Twitter but not really sure how that's actually an issue either.  Im not really a fan of FB, its just one of several of the latest fads but I do see the importance of having a presence there to increase our exposure.  No, our service isnt for everyone but we do all we can to help anyone that wants to succeed in this business.  But maybe the best evidence I can provide of our professional service is that this post (like all our personal and public interactions) is completely expletive-free...because thats how professionals conduct business. 

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   2 days 19 hours ago

    According to the Candy Bouquet International locator there are now only 38 US franchisees. They must still be using that website since the franchisees are being removed.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   2 days 20 hours ago

    The US franchise numbers are going lower. Only 38 left in the US according to the CBI locator.

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   3 days 11 hours ago

    You offer a lot of routines for the instructors. Why do they keep the same format for months?

    I am so bored by the same music . Are they too lazy to learn new ones? I was so bored in class tonight doing the same music I did 3 weeks ago.

    Jazzercise is not Fresh.

  • Does anyone have any information on Environmental Waste Solutions Franchises?   1 week 3 days ago

    EWS has not paid me for nearly a year on my joint venture account. My estimate is they owe me $7,000 and counting. They said they were going to make me an "offer" 9 months ago but they no longer return calls or emails ( , ) . 700 EWS Affiliates paid 20k for their guidance and assistance and now EWS is pulling the plug and tells me I have to sign a new agreement that has a horrible commission split. All EWS affiliates should ban together in a lawsuit. Sherry Barshaw, Donna Fothergill, Doug Maher, Darwyn Williams, Diana Shapiro should all be criminally prosecuted for abandoning 700 affiliates that paid $20,000 for their affiliation. I want a refund for the cost of the affiliation and the monies owed to me for the Healthcare Realty Account. I worked for 6 months full time on that account.

    EWS Affiliate- 6 years

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   1 week 4 days ago

    There are plenty of BETTER out there. SAFE SHIP is by far the best I have found . better then any other concept I have researched. More shipping options,. and also better services available.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   1 week 5 days ago

    Of all the U.S. Franchises still listed on the locator that give you the option to order online, I could not find even one working website. It comes up either the domain cannot be found or the server can't be found. Makes you wonder how many are actually still going. I am SO surprised the Wheelers have not gone into bankruptcy yet. At this point, I think they are probably just trying to get whatever money they can out of those who did not fulfill the 5 year contract and just stopped paying the monthly fee. Very sad situation!

  • Coffee News   2 weeks 12 hours ago

    I do realize this is a very old posting from 2008 to 2012. I just noted that Facts Weakly''' last post on their Facebook was 2012. They only sold content.. no brand. How does that ever compete? Don't bother. Printing is EXPENSIVE. I am not saying this just because I don't want competition. (I have enough with papers and radio and now Facebook billionaire). I'm saying it more because I am helping you to save time and money. Like I said I've seen 10 copycats come and go. There is now an 11th running currently. A monthly. It even looks like Coffee News a bit. Copied our racks. Some people are pretty disgusting and have a lot of nerve. Bad Karma I say. Just save your time and money. They usually suffer it out for 6 months. Number 10 did. Honestly my readership has risen (again) since they started. It's the way it goes. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. God damn that's all I need is to print MORE again!!

    I also want to ad that in 20 years I've had clients blown away by results. TOO BUSY and quit. One client guessed he had 1000 calls in 10 days. He was on the phone 9 hours a day. True, it's my best story, but it was only a training class. ? go figure. He got one call from a VERY expensive radio ad, back before iPods and iTunes. About 8 calls from the local newspaper. 1000 calls from Coffee News. The very first week I printed Coffee News I went around selling more ads. In 5 days I spoke with several people. 70 percent of them said they saw it already. This was 1994. Now more people eat out than ever before.

    So if you're thinking of buying a Coffee News. Know that you have to love people and love pounding the pavement for the first while. Many Coffee News have failed, because they are the wrong type of person.
    If you decide to do a copycat - besides bad karma - you will FAIL.

  • Coffee News   2 weeks 12 hours ago

    Wow, I cannot believe some of the comments on here. Knowledge is king, so I'm here to put things straight.

    I have been publishing Coffee News for over 20 years.

    Here are the facts.

    - I've had over ten copy cats try to publish. All gone, every time, waste of money and time.
    - I print more now in 2015 than i have ever printed (People love getting away from 'screens') Plus Coffee News is addictive. The tan paper is soothing and professional... among 16 other reasons.
    - Finding content to fill your own publication is HELL. Trust me. Selling, delivery, designing ads is enough work as it is.
    - The weekly fees are NOTHING compared to what you can make. Mark up can be as high as 800 percent. Own at least 2 areas for an okay living.
    - Always ask to place a rack. That is just human intelligence. I see many copycats that do not ask. Weird. Racks still go missing. Restaurant owners are poor busy souls. Slaves like you cannot imagine. I've been there. It's hell. Buy a Coffee News and free yourself from set hours. longs hours
    - The power of 1000 franchisees worldwide is another key. A copycat NEVER works. Never. Unless you truly are a magical bull***ing salesperson that people love. (another key).
    - I had one competitor start soon after I started 20 years ago. His was printed 2 colour, ooo fancy. Some people asked me 'ohhh no, are you worried? 2 colour?" nope. The guy that owned the competitor told me (after he quit) That he sat there for a short time and watched people take 10 Coffee News to 1 copy of his. His heart sank. His paper was also a franchise.
    - Believe me the franchise fees you pay for Coffee News pay off fast if you are good at what you do.
    - Here is an example: I started a juice bar and sold smoothies. They were pure fruit and very full of the best ingredients.. and tasted GREAT. The best smoothies ever. People loved them. We were lucky to sell 100 a day. More like 45 ? We personally know the local Mcdonalds franchisee. When they started selling smoothies, he said they were selling 2000 a day. That's over $8000 a day just on smoothies. It's the power of the franchise. By the way they just spent a million dollars on upgrades to their building. Volume is good. Let me say this... If you started a hamburger joint across the street with the best burgers EVER in the world, you would never ever compete. ever. That said there are still McDonalds owners that fail. Why do you think they want something like $400,000 cash sitting around incase you start blowing it?
    - Coffee News is done right. It's big, it's famous, it's powerful. If you ever think a copycat can ever compete it can't. You'll lose more time and money trying. I see it all the time. Over and over again. Coffee News works. It's still here, I'm still here.. printing more than ever because it is still read by nearly everyone. I'm still getting just as many inquiries for ads as ever. Is it easy? BUT, only if you're a natural and not many are. Just like a McDonalds franchise.
    Example: One fellow tried Coffee News in Edmonton Alberta. He failed. Another guy comes along and now he is the largest franchisee in the world. As with anything it takes work and you have to be good.

    Hope this helps.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 weeks 2 days ago

    The BEST thing to happen to my MBE store .......Was going indy & throwing UPS out the door...And not being FORCED to become a UPS STORE DROP BOX!!!!!!!!Can you say HELLO FEDEX...Thank you L.M.H....A Former (Thank God) MBE Franchisee!!!!!!!

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   2 weeks 3 days ago

    If you try to become an instructor for Jazzercise in southern california you the management DOES look at size and age. Maybe if you live in the midwest where a district mgr is away from the crazy management in so cal you don't have the same ridiculous standards.

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Jazzercise is exclusionary because if you don't fall into their "stepford mentality" then they quickly weed you out. They are looking for followers not leaders. They want franchisees to make Jazzercise money, they could care less about the typical franchisee. A brand that is more inclusive is Zumba. They have a reasonable audition process, are very encouraging to new instructors and Zumba instructors may work anywhere they please...for $35 a class. Do the math, Jazzercise $10 earned per class / $3,000 franchisee fee OR Zumba $35 earned per class with a $200 start up fee.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 weeks 3 days ago

    The UPS Store Zee: "a UPS Store franchise offers a great platform for a person to make a legitimate income and have fun doing it!"

    Q: What practice would you like your franchisor to change to help you better pay off your capital expenditures?

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 weeks 6 days ago

    This sounds like a very savvy UPS Corporate employee. If I could take advantage of your knowledge and put all those things that you mentioned to good use, then I would then be working for corporate and not at a store. What? Are all your Franchise owners supposed to be as educated and hard working as you mention? Then why even have a franchise? Then I would have elected to be a rocket scientist.

  • At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’   3 weeks 8 hours ago

    Neil & James were partners with Jim and the partnership was dissolved at their request and on good terms. Both are still actively involved in the group.

    Neil was never CEO but COO, considering the lack of accuracy in your post why would we expect you to get any detail correct?

  • ATM Franchise - ACFN   4 weeks 14 hours ago

    I would not recommend them they charge you extra for everything!!! they start with 25,000 then they add an extra 1,000 dollars for each ATM when you get your first location and is going to be more than 10 months to find one get ready for more charges.
    the have locations or routes witch they buy from other people they add a few thousand dollars of income to the stubs to justify their fee. do a search on a route from Forth Worth TX the same description in the details but the person selling put almost 8,000 less income acfn bought it and suddenly the route made more money! the guy was giving 3 spare atms in his description and acfn was selling the atms!!

  • Forte Franchise Hits Sour Note   5 weeks 3 days ago

    Why don't you stick together to create something rather then sticking together to destroy something you small minded pieces of shit - go back to primary school and learn something this time round you losers

  • Forte Franchise Hits Sour Note   5 weeks 3 days ago

    I thought you said an entertainer - you're a cure for insomnia punk!

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   6 weeks 1 day ago

    I find it crazy that UPS only pays about $1 for each package dropped off when they'll charge the shipper a (minimum) $5 fee for each pick-up.

    I am considering buying an independent store, but am worried about the future potential. I'm one of those who drop off all the time - I truly presumed you got that $5 they would have charged me, so I never think anything of it. Now I know....

    Being one that drops off a lot, I know that there are 4 stores within 2 mile of my home (I live in Summerlin, a suburb of Las Vegas). They're not all UPS Stores, but they all accept UPS packages.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   6 weeks 1 day ago

    President, UPS Franchise Division

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   6 weeks 1 day ago

    but dumping something onto a "sucker" makes you as bad as UPS.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Getter lower and lower here in the US! In addition, for what few are left, none of the websites are working either. Guess this franchise is on the verge of going out.

    As far as the owners using another website, when you google candy bouquet no other website comes up.

    Oh well, glad to be done and have it all behind me.

    A CB survivor.

  • PuriFry Vs Filtafry   6 weeks 3 days ago

    There is one machine that is made by Nika, LLC that actually is a true micro-oil filtration machine and filters down to 1 micron. There is a video on their website that actually shows how good the machine works and they fire up a fryer. It is made from food grade stainless steel and has an big 8 gallon per minute pump with 1/2HP motor which is bigger than any other machine out there and it's built here in the USA. A budy of mine uses it in his restaurant and he told me about it. I know they sell it to restaurants, but they are a franchise so I don't know if they will sell to individuals. They mention on their website that it guarantees to cut coil costs by 50-75% each month. In there business model they sell and rent machines, which is unique and different then the weekly service because with the rental, the restaurant does all the work. It's worth checking it out if anyone wants to buy one