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Franchise Council Gets Desperate

The Franchise Council of Australia has disregarded the terms of reference set down by the West Austrian Committee reviewing the impact of some elements of the WA Franchising Bill 2010.

FCA has sent out submission templates to franchisors and published submission quick links and templates at its website to encourage urgent support as the WA government appears set to implement at least most elements of the Bill.

Here (pdf) is a similar template for Australian franchisees and I would encourage them to use it, modify it or otherwise submit their own. The closing date for submissions is Monday of next week, 24 January 2010.

Closure of the South Australian review of its Franchising Bill is this Friday; January 20, 2010.

The South Australian review is simply asking whether federal amendments met the South Australian franchising inquiry recommendations. Clearly they did not.


Anyone requiring more information on how to to contact the Committees of South and West Australia can email [email protected]

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