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Nigel Travis Bows To Prince Of New York

Dunkin K-Cup on Times Square
Dunkin ad at Times Square

Times Square being the crossroads of New York, it follows that One Times Square is the center of the known universe.

This is, after all, the place where they drop the ball to mark the start of each New Year on planet Earth. Half a million people walk through Times Square each and every day, and ten million people see Times Square on television each day.

Canton, Dunkin's Donuts' home town, it ain't.

It is a place where even staid financial firms have electronic billboards the size of small houses and the ABC television billboard alone is 3700 square feet. Times Square is place where there is a municipal ordinance requiring office buildings to have lighting bright enough to illuminate the streets below.

So when legendary Broadway impresario Hal Prince walked past the Dunkin Donuts billboard advertising K-cups, trouble was a brewin'.

A 21-time Tony Award winner, the 84 year-old Prince remains a perfectionist when it comes to Broadway. The billboard may have been just fine for the folks in Iowa or even (heaven forbid) New Jersey. But Times Square?

Nestled between bubbling Budweisers and snazzy Toshiba tablets, the simple static photo of a K-cup was a stinging offense to the denziens of the world's most important city.

After Prince shot off a letter to Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin' Brands, educating him as to the high level of performance expected on Broadway, the chastened exec ordered that the sign be converted into something more snazzy.

A new full-motion video sign is expected to be operational by June.

Story in NY Post.

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