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To point out that even

To point out that even big-time newspapers (or whatever the New York
Post is) make embarrassing headline typos once in a while (I hope the
copy editor gets an email from the EIC with the subject "Can We
Talk?"). bicsi
But in a more local angle, it seems Joan Rovers Rivers
came to Miami to shoot a reality TV show. Great, just what we need:
more reality TV!  Fortunately, it's not Joan and Melissa Take Miami.
It's called How'd You Get So Rich?, which, as the title suggests about comptia exams ,
features Joan asking rich people how they got rich. It's on TV Land.
cisco exams 
Joan Fleischman, naturally, got the scoop for the Miami Herald a few
days ago. Joan grills area rich people Robert Zarco, an attorney, and
Peter Loftin, the guy who owns the Versace mansion.

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When I grow up...

I want to be a franchisee attorney.

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No you don't

You're too nice a guy for that