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Police Order SumoSalad

Australian franchisor SumoSalad found out that when you hand a piece of paper to police to evict a franchisee it helps if it’s the right piece of paper.

A business dispute involving the SumoSalad franchise has led to furniture being cut into pieces at a Sydney CBD store and police being called.  SMH

When an exit strategy ends with everything hitting the fan then you know you got it wrong.

SumoSaladIt is very tough generally for a franchisee to bring legal proceedings against a franchisor, and it is a very complex and an expensive process.

In my experience, it is rare to see a franchisee thrown out of a store.   Franchisee Lawyer David Newhouse

The Sydney lawyer is absolutely right and while it may be rare to see a franchisee dismantled by a franchisor that’s because it typically happens when no one is watching.

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