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Investigative News

Ace Hardware Same-Store Sales Gain 3.7 Percent

Retail Sales Post 5% Gain in October

Holiday Jobs to Hit 14-Year High

7-Eleven COO over Franchisee Relations Leaves amid Turmoil

Contract Waiver Dismisses 7-Eleven Oral Earnings Claims to Franchisee

NADA Weighs in on Why America Needs Franchise Laws

Auto Dealers See Sturdy Profits, Hire a Million Employees

Ace Hardware Turns 90

Ace Hardware Has Best First Quarter Ever; Reshuffles Board

Franchise Hiring Accelerates in Robust June Report

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Headlines from the 'Net

Squeezing More Profit per Square Foot from Restaurant and Retail Locations

RadioShack Loses CFO as It Grapples with Solvency

Stocks Soar for Four Car-Part Suppliers; Two Franchised

Franchisees Claim 7-Eleven Seizing Stores for Bogus Reasons

The UPS Store Franchise System Is Massive Fraud, Say Former Franchisees

Great Article On Marketing Grand Openings

7-Eleven Warns Franchisee after Criticizing Company in Press

Lenders Stall Radio Shack Plan to Close 1,100 Retail Stores

Radio Shack Closing 1,100 U.S. Stores after 20% Drop in Sales

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Expert Advice

The Holiday Season, Pressure and Respectful Dissent

Black Friday is a Season to Itself for Retailers But It Already Started November 1

Retailers Send Mixed Signals to Customers on Mobile Payment

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