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Stymied by Government Policies

Thomas Sowell, economist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, writes that Washington is playing havoc with the recovery. He explains that its actions are making running a business more difficult and instead of telling us what it's up to in plain English, it comes up with catchy but obfuscating phrases, hoping that we won't understand what they're up to.

The policies of this administration make it risky to lend money, with Washington politicians coming up with one reason after another why borrowers shouldn't have to pay it back when it is due, or perhaps not pay it all back at all. That's called "loan modification" or various other fancy names for welching on debts. Is it surprising that lenders have become reluctant to lend?

Private businesses have amassed record amounts of cash, which they could use to hire more people-- if this administration were not generating vast amounts of uncertainty about what the costs are going to be for ObamaCare, among other unpredictable employer costs, from a government heedless or hostile toward business.

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