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This industry will correct the most in '08-09


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Real Estate has to get better

When real estate goes everything follows. The thing that doesn't make sense is our money is losing it's value and the houses are going down. The norm is when interest rates go down values go up. When interest rates go up houses go down. My first house cost $60,000 with 18% interest rates. When interest went down to 9% we were estatic. My house went up to $95,000. Nothing makes sense to me except the bad loans that were created that many loan officers advised their clients were good. Were't good. Now it is going back to only get fixed loans.
Alot of people in my opinion are getting wealthy. The people with money will buy rentals. It is my opinion that a house should be a long term investment. I know people who have many houses all across the United States. I bet you alot investors are buying houses now.