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Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights Passes 1000 Endorsements

The Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights (UFBoR),, passed 1000 endorsements and ratifications today.  The UFBoR was released by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations last year as a fairness doctrine after input from many franchisee advocates. 

While this milestone is reached the day after Independence Day, the last thing we are trying to do is make a Declaration of Independence.  In fact, we want just the opposite, a Declaration of Joint Dependence.  While many have an issue with using “Partner” as that can have specific legal ramifications, I think we should embrace the idea of Co-Investors in the brands.  Franchisees and Franchisors need each other to be successful.  Adherence to the UFBoR would give franchisees the rights expected when recognized as a co-investor. 

The most important thing at this time is continue to grow the support of the UFBoR, which will assist in providing the market and political forces needed to change the franchise industry.  There is an imbalance in the industry that is keeping it from realizing its potential.  The CFA will continue to work as a representative voice of franchisees, promoting the UFBoR and policies that strengthen the franchising industry towards a more equitable and profitable position for franchisees.  When that balance is achieved, franchisees will increase their desire to invest in and employ in their local communities through franchising.  Franchise advocates claim that franchising can be the engine that will grow the economy, but this is only possible long term when balance is achieved.

Thanks to all that have endorsed the UFBoR and we look forward to growing that endorsement number even further.

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