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I have been in franchising for 24 years employed by 3 franchisors and operating as a franchisee. I've worked with franchisees from many brands and assisted many franchisors interested in improving their systems. I am simply looking to see improved franchisee protection where there is none and to assist to educate prospective and existing franchisees to better support a healthy industry while a) making life difficult for rogue franchisors, b) supporting those who operate fairly in quality franchise systems and c) where possible, minimize franchisee loss for those with no alternative. This does not require more regulation, red tape or cost for those who operate in quality franchising.  [email protected]  Join me at FaceBook - 'Oz Franchising'

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Forty years experience in Small Business and twenty-four years in franchising operations as a franchisee and employed by three franchisors, mostly in operations.

I have dedicated ten years and close to 15,000 hours in the pursuit of quality franchising and exposing franchisor abuse of franchisees while advocating for the introduction of franchise relationship Law and the levelling of the dispute processes between bigger business and small business.

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