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Web Thermostat Controls Store Temperature

Advanced Telemetry web thermostat controlsAn Arby’s franchise owner of some 55 restaurants in Arizona, FX4, say’s store electricity bills have dramatically dropped after using web technology to regulate store thermostats. In one store, the electricity bill dropped from $4,000 to $3,200. Before that, employees would invariably forget to shut off the air at night or poke a straw through the lockbox to lower the temperate to very low levels during the day.

Advanced Telemetry has sold the EcoView systems to a Burger King franchisee group in Portland and a group that owns multiple Taco Bells in Seattle, as well as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Church's, Chili's and Applebee's franchisees in various locations, CEO Gus Ezcurra said.

"It's a niche for us because these small businesses sometimes can't take advantage of the bigger utility programs out there," he said "Those guys feel the pinch." – The Arizona Republic

The EcoView system made by Advanced Telemetry uses a touch-panel thermostat that connects wirelessly to the air-condition, lights, walk-in coolers and other appliances for owners to control remotely via a web connection. It cost about $1,000 for the hardware and installation and possibly a little more depending on how many appliances are connected to the controls. The software costs $40 a month to use.

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