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Franchised establishments in the United States gained a supersized 41,900 jobs in July.

Leadership change

On July 25 Yum Brands, Inc. [NYSE:YUM] announced that it has appointed two chief executive officers for its Taco Bell and Pizza Hut divisions. In a structural change of its leadership, each of Yum’s three brands of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC will now be led by a chief executive officer.

Leadership change

Qdoba Mexican Eats announced last week the appointment of Katy Velazquez as its corporate executive chef.

Briefings from Other Trade Journals

Just a year ago, in January 2018, Pennsylvania-based 5171 Campbells Land Co. LLC bought 27 Perkins restaurants in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio from bankruptcy court for $7.8 million. The purchase made the franchisee one of Perkins' largest. 

Hans Langer, 36 at the time with two young children and just over $50,000 to his name, founded EOS, a 3D printer manufacturer. The year was 1989, and it was the dawn of the new printing technology.

Tim Hortons' U.S. franchisee association, the Great White North Franchisee Association USA (GWNFA USA), has stated that they have no comment on the recent revisions to their lawsuit for fear of retaliation from their Canadian-based franchisor. And no wonder!

Fed up with the requests he gets from social media "influencers" who want his frozen treat for nothing, a soft-serve truck owner says he now charges the would-be free loaders double.

Saturday, July 6, is National Fried Chicken Day. If that gets you wondering how the different chains stack up, one man has rated the tastiness of the output of mostly well-known brands, beginning at okay and running up the ladder to what he says is the best.

Chick-fil-A appears to be on the way to becoming the third largest U.S. restaurant chain by sales, behind only McDonald’s and Starbucks. It was in the number 7 slot in 2017

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