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A Delaware bankruptcy judge issued a decision today in the reorganization bankruptcy case of Applebee’s large franchisee, RMH Franchise Holdings, stating the court will move forward with its final judgment in favor of debtors and against the franchisor’s parent company, Dine Brands Global. The franchisor was trying to gain control of many of the franchisee’s restaurants.   

Franchise Lineup
The Economy

Employment at franchised establishments in the United States fell by 5,700 jobs as other parts of the economy saw strong job growth in September.

TGI Friday's, Times Square. Photo by Chris Sampson, Flickr
Leadership change

Casual dining franchisor TGI Fridays announced on Tuesday that it has hired Ruby Tuesday’s CEO, Ray Blanchette, as its CEO. Former CEO Aslam Khan, who joined the firm as CEO in April of 2017, was promoted to vice chairman of the board — on Tuesday.

AC Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Waterfront

Expanding on the news of five new hotel signings, Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) revealed at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) in Nairobi, Kenya, that it plans rapid expansion in Africa. According to the company, it’s on track for an increase of over 200 hotels and 38,000 rooms in five years, generating approximately 12,000 jobs. The new signings further consolidate Marriott's presence in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa, and additionally gives it entrée into Mozambique.


Too many small business owners don't have a grasp of their financial numbers. This can't be good for business. Dave Erickson, director and certified business advisor at Angelo State University’s Small Business Development Center in Texas, tackles this head on.

Operating a restaurant in California can be tougher than usual. Governor Jerry Brown, 80, has been busy with his pen in recent weeks, signing into law measures that complicate running restaurants, such as one that requires full-service restaurants to stop automatically providing straws with drinks.

Multi-unit franchisee Zane Tankel, 73, lets us take a peek at a day in his life. He is the CEO and chairman of Apple-Metro, franchisee of 36 Applebee's locations in the New York City area with 2,800 employees.

Strained relations between franchisees and their franchisors are making the news. McDonald's, Subway, Tim Hortons, 7-Eleven and Jack in the Box are some household names that we've been reading about of late. What are the issues that push franchisees to decide that they must speak up and take action to defend their businesses?

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