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Clarion Pointe public space photo courtesy of Choice Hotel press release

Choice Hotels International, Inc. unveiled yesterday a new midscale hotel brand extension called Clarion Pointe. It is a marketing effort to extend the Clarion brand into a more affordable but more premium sweet spot for travelers who book in the midscale sector.

Workers demonstrating, asking NLRB judge to make decision on McDondald's Settlements

Following the National Labor Relations Board administrative judge’s recent decision to reject McDonald’s proposed settlement to resolve all cases that called it a joint employer with its franchisees on labor law violations, the NLRB announced Thursday that it will overhaul the current joint-employer definition.  

Photo of Gainesville Roy Rogers restaurant

Burger Brothers Restaurant Group, a New York multi-branded franchisee from Long Island, signed a multiunit franchise contract with Roy Rogers Franchise Company LLC to open seven Roy Rogers restaurants.

Photo of Lyle Tick provided by Inspire Brands
Leadership change

Inspire Brands, part of private equity firm Roark Capital Holdings, announced Monday that it has appointed Lyle Tick as president of sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings.


Papa John's, distancing itself from founder and former CEO John Schnatter, has a new commercial that foregoes the longtime practice of featuring Schnatter and instead stars franchisees and staffers from all over the world.

Richard Allison has been with Domino's for seven years and just stepped up to the CEO position in July. He talks here in this four-minute video, shot at Domino's newest supply chain facility, about Domino's, Hurricane Florence, tariffs, competitor Papa John's and its founder and former CEO John Schnatter, as well as the NFL.

 Small business owners can boost profits, cut down on costs and gain more customers by working synergistically with their next-door business neighbors. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Although franchise agreements are often not negotiable, there are times when it's possible, according to this article. It offers guidelines on what those circumstances might be and what to look for.

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