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The Economy

Franchise establishments in the United States gained a modest 11,500 jobs in November. The hotel sector lost 1,500 jobs while restaurant hiring rose 9,900.

Leadership change

Best Western Hotels and Resorts, a chain of 13 hotel brands in 100 countries, announced today that its board of directors has elected hotel owner-operator Anthony Klok to be the company’s chairman of the board for 2019.


Two former labor department officials presented conflicting views last month on how the National Labor Relations Board should finalize the definition of "joint employment" pertaining to relationships between companies and their independent contractors and franchisees on workplace labor violations.

This heated dispute was regarded by prominent attendees as being one of the biggest pending issues to face the labor board.

Hacked graphic

Marriott International, Inc. announced that the records of some 500 million guests from its Starwood hotels reservation system have been hacked.

Briefings from Other Trade Journals

McDonald's independent franchisee association, the National Owners Association, has heated up fast. Over 400 owners attended the first meeting in Tampa, Florida, just two months ago.

A pair of restaurant journalists take a deeper look at what seems to be a turn toward elevated tensions between restaurant franchisors and franchisees, discussing such brands as McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Papa John’s, Applebee's, Tim Hortons and Subway.

Good ratings significantly affect a restaurant's revenues, writes Dennis Zink in the Herald-Tribune, a Sarasota, Florida, newspaper, citing Harvard Business School researcher Michael Luca. A quick scan of a Luca research paper about Yelp reveals that, according to him, Yelp's ratings have little effect on chains, but significant effect on independent restaurants.

Roger Wittenberns, 62, founder of franchise fitness chain Lady of America, pled guilty to DUI manslaughter in the fatal 2016 car crash that killed J. Gerald Smith, 82, an Uber driver. Wittenberns crashed his Lamborghini Murciélago into the front driver's side of Smith's Buick Enclave SUV.

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