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Author Says He Was Dunk’d into Franchising Undertow

Dangerous Current

WAITSFIELD, Vt. — A veteran franchise owner of supermarkets, UPS Stores and Dunkin' Donuts shops is publishing a rare tell-all story from the inside of a franchise.Author Irwin Barkan says that the franchising industry has changed in the last two decades, being replaced by aloof private equity firms and conglomerates intent on padding their profits from the losses of franchisees. Barkan lost a major lawsuit against Dunkin'. A multimillionaire until his last venture, Barkan says that Dunkin' Donuts did him in. And for that, his book Dunk'd is named in their honor.

A serial entrepreneur, Barkan was a shopping center developer, a retailer, and a multiunit franchisee in various chains. That is until he invested in five franchises from Dunkin' Donuts.

Irwin Barkan, author of Dunk'd.
Veteran franchisee Irwin Barkan, author of Dunk'd

Barkan embarks on a journey to find out what really was going on among franchising firms and in particular, behind the brown and orange logo. According to Barkan, "I wrote the book to expose the inequities of the franchising industry, which have been swept under the rug by franchisors." He calls the franchise agreement, "the most one-sided legal agreement used in business today." He says that Dunkin' used it "to terrorize its franchisees, the small business owners who provide the capital and hard work that make the system work."

The e-book is available immediately at The author says that Dunk’d: A True Story of How Big Money is Corrupting the Franchising Industry will also be shortly available on Amazon, and online bookstores.

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