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10 Business Movies to Enjoy over the Holidays

The holidays may give you the opportunity to take the time to relax and enjoy one or more of the following business-themed movies, which perhaps will pass on useful business information besides.

The movies are: How to Succeed in Business, The Music Man, You've Got Mail, Emperor Waltz, The Fountainhead, 9 to 5, Desk Set, Holiday Inn, Bride and Prejudice and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse.

1: How to Succeed in Business

Robert Morse, who most recently starred in the popular drama Mad Men about Madison Avenue’s golden age, stars as an ambitious window washer who rises through the ranks to become the head of the World-Wide Wicket Company.

Jam packed with zany antics and lively musical numbers, How to Succeed in Business is one part satire, one part business success story. OK, this movie isn’t exactly meant as serious business advice. But as a feel-good aspirational romp, it may just capture your heart. — Annie Pilon, Small Business Trends

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