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Hotel Management Gets Phone Apps

vInspect mobile app for inspecting hotel rooms
vInspect app reports the quality of room cleaning

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Mobile apps are already helping guests more easily book hotel rooms. But now a mobile application provider has launched new smartphone apps for hotel owners and managers, some of the first apps geared to them.

Vertical Systems, Inc. (VSi) has rolled out four mobile apps to keep track of hotel rooms. These logs score the quality of house keeping, track public areas and track needed repairs. They also list the occupancy status of rooms for housekeeping.

"This information is essential so the housekeeping department can properly allocate its personnel and so the front desk can properly meet the expectations of inbound travelers, especially early arrivals," explains Saeed Kazmi, President and CEO of VSi. "The right mobile application enables both housekeeping and the front desk to have an accurate guestroom inventory – instantly in real time."

Kazmi explains that with v-Departure software, a staff member knocks on the door of each guestroom on the checked out room list, confirms the occupancy status, then presses the appropriate APP button to upload the information to the cloud, where all interested departments can view it in real time.

Staff members can similarly send a request for repair, with a photo attached of the existing condition, to the proper department. Records are kept in the cloud, so they are convenient to retrieve and track. The repair staff can easily determine if items needed for the repair are in inventory or must be ordered.

These apps offer cloud-based data management, real-time management reports, and 24/7 remote monitoring. Each element can be customized for the needs and preferences of the specific hotel property.

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