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Support California Fair Franchising, Attend the Hearing

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations respectfully requests California franchisees to attend a hearing at the State Capital to support California AB 2305, The Level Playing Field for Small Business Act of 2012.  The Act creates a fairer environment in regards to the provisions contained in franchise agreements and helps reduce the unequal bargaining power present in the franchisee- franchisor relationship. More specifically, the bill contains the following provisions:

  • Extended notice and cure periods for "good cause" terminations
  • Franchisor assurances of good faith
  • Additional dispute resolution avenues
  • Penalties for false or deceptive claims in association with the sale of a franchise
  • Limitation on changes to agreement at renewal

The hearing will be held in front of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. There will be an opportunity for franchisees to openly endorse the bill by stating their names, brand of franchises they own or have owned, number and location of franchises in California and the number of people they employ.

Date:         Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Time:        9 a.m.
Location: State Capitol Building, Hearing Room 4202
                 Sacramento, CA 95814

For questions, comments and general information about the hearing and bill, please contact the CFA at (202) 416-0270 or

Parking information: $10 parking is available in the garage on the north side of the building. Because parking is limited, carpooling is encouraged!

Coalition of Franchisee Associations,

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Misty Chally is the Executive Director of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations. She is based out of Washington, D.C. You can call her at (202) 416-0270 or email