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FranAd Bowl 2013; Pre-Super Bowl Ads

NEW ORLEANS — It is Super Bowl Sunday, time for Blue MauMau's annual FranAd Bowl. This year two rival sports franchises are coached by brothers John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers.The two brothers will match wits to outmaneuver the other. Only one can win the trophy.

The advertisers we watch are business format franchisors, like Taco Bell. Or they are the product distribution kind, like Coca-Cola, who have franchisee bottlers that mix and distribute their products. Some are even both types, like Mercedes Benz.

A number of commercials have been pre-released on the Internet to tease Super Bowl XLVII fans. Here are the pre-releases.

  1. KFC

  2. Lincoln

  3. Budweiser

  4. Hyundai "Team Hit"

  5. Hyundai Stuck

  6. Hyundai "Epic Playdate"

  7. Pepsi "Next Party"

  8. Kia "Space Babies"

  9. Mercedes Benz "Soul" Extended Cut

  10. Taco Bell "Viva Young"

  11. Century 21 "Wedding"

  12. Toyota "Wish Granted"

  13. VW "Get Happy"

  14. VW "Sunny Side"

  15. Audi "Worth It"

  16. Bud Lite "Lucky Chair"

  17. Bud Lite "Black Crown Teaser">

  18. Mercedes Benz "Kate Upton"

  19. Mercedes-Benz "Something Hot"

  20. Coke "Chase"

  21. Lincoln "Steer the Script"

  22. Toyota "Kaley Cuoco"

  23. Taco Bell "Grandpa Goes Wild"

The Super Bowl XLVII pre-released teasers as they appear on USA Today and YouTube are largely dominated by franchising enterprises. 22/31 commercials or 71 percent are from franchising companies.

The other ads of the Super Bowl that have not been pre-released will be posted in another article after they appear on television and as they appear on the Internet.

Watch the FranAd Bowl 2013, Ads that Ran during Super Bowl XLVII

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