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FranAd Bowl 2013, Super Bowl XLVII Ads

Taca Bell's Grandpa Goes Wild commercial pre-released for Super Bowl 2013
Taco Bell's pre-released Super Bowl commercial, "Grandpa Goes Wild". photo from YouTube video

NEW ORLEANS — Super Bowl XLVII is starting up. It's time for Blue MauMau's annual FranAd Bowl, where Blue MauMau watches the commercials from franchisors.That could be a business format franchisor, like Taco Bell. Or it could be a product distribution one, like Coca-Cola, which has franchisee bottlers that mix and distribute their products. Some are even both types, like Mercedes-Benz.

We've already published the pre-released Super Bowl ads.

Here now are the commercials that weren't pre-released and that have just aired live on television. 30 seconds of ad space at the Super Bowl costs $4 million. Blue MauMau will publish them as soon as they are available on the Internet.

  • Subway "15 Years Story"


    Usher Kate Upton Willem Defoe Mercedes-Benz


  • Bud Lite "Journey"

  • NFL "Surprise"

  • Century 21 Mini Mart



    Jeep "Whole again"

  • Kia Hotbots

  • Pizza Hut "Hut, hut, hut"

  • Subway "Februany"

  • Budweiser "Brotherhood"

  • Coca-Cola "Mirage"

  • Ram Trucks "Farmer"

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