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1-2-3 Fit in collections, collections, collections?

You read it correctly! Collections x 3 (or more)

We have spoken with numerous sources (including vendors themselves)that say this company is seriously delinquent on its bills. While we do not believe this should shock anybody close to the company, it is another reason to beware before going into business with these folks.

Remember, these are the same guys who brought you Quiznos and now Smashburger.

In light of what has been happening at corporate 1-2-3 Fit, it makes perfect sense. Several months ago, corporate began pushing all the vendors to deal directly with the franchise owners. This would be a logical move if you were corporate and were behind on payments and rather than risk the franchisees finding out by having services cut off, just let them deal directly with the vendors. Sounds plausible.

We are looking further into this issue. Feel free to contact us with additional information and to share your experience on this issue.

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