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NFIB Announces Support of California’s Fair Franchising Bill

SACRAMENTO—The National Federation of Independent Business announced on Friday that it is supporting California's Senate Bill 610, a fair franchising amendment to California's existing Franchise Relations Act. The measure aims to protect owner-operators of franchised establishments by boosting legal standards of "good faith" and "fair dealing" and their right to associate with other like-minded small business owners without fear of retribution by a franchisor.

"Small businesses in California already face a mountain of uncertainty as they strive to create jobs, build the economy, and keep their doors open. SB 610 is a step in the direction of giving our leading job creators more certainty in their investments," wrote legislative director Ken DeVore of NFIB's California advocacy office to state lawmakers Friday.

Founded in 1943, the small business advocacy group with over 350,000 members joins the Coalition of Franchisee Associations with its 50,000 associated franchisees, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association and San Diego-based American Association of Franchisees and Dealers in supporting Senate Bill 610 by California state senator Hannah-Beth Jackson. All organizations ask California franchisees to immediately contact their state representative and urge them to vote for SB 610 .

The D.C.-based International Franchise Association, California Chamber of Commerce and California Retailers Association are among those who oppose the bill.

The measure is expected to come up for vote on the state senate floor this week.

UPDATE, May 30: The California office of the NFIB just sent this release to Blue MauMau in which on May 23 the organization changed its position from support to no support on SB 610. Blue MauMau received this memo on May 30 at 1:10 p.m. EST.

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