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Franchise Jobs Grow by 12,050 in February

Now hiring at Sonics, photo taken and retouched by Blue MauMauROSELAND, N.J. – Private-sector franchise jobs in the United States increased by 12,050 during the month of February 2014.

With a dip in hiring at franchise restaurants, the creation of jobs at franchise establishments grew at roughly the same pace as small businesses under 50 employees in February according to payroll data firm ADP. However, franchise outlets increased jobs at a faster year over year pace at 3 percent than small businesses under 50 employees of 2.1 percent.

"Franchises created 12,050 new jobs in February," said Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and head of the ADP Research Institute. "For the second month in a row, restaurants continued to show considerably diminished growth, adding fewer jobs last month than the average monthly gain over the past eleven months. This may be attributable to the unusually harsh winter the U.S. has been experiencing." Yildirmaz added, "It is worth noting that combined, auto-related franchises, business services, and accommodations reflect more than half of the franchise jobs created this month."

The table below presents U.S. franchise employment growth over time, measuring current month growth, year-over-year changes, and the average monthly growth rate over the past 12 months. New this month, this chart also reflects changes in small business employment to help illustrate the correlation between small businesses overall and franchises.

February 2014 table on small business and franchise hirings

February 2014 ADP National Franchise Report Highlights

The franchise jobs report is produced by ADP, a global provider of human capital management solutions, in collaboration with Moody's Analytics, Inc.

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