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What Help Should A Franchisor Provide?

This is a distillation of a few articles of advice on what a franchisee should expect in assistance from a good franchisor.

  1. Franchisors should be able to expedite finance programs for franchisees. Some even have a few financial programs of their own available.
  2. Franchisors should be able to provide robust help in selecting the right location. Often they are so compulsive in having the right location that they choose the location themselves. They should have a lot of real estate resources and intelligence to assist in helping you select the right spot. They know that if they get the location wrong they risk failure.
  3. Advertising. You are buying into advertising economies of scale and a growing brand recognition that should trump anything you could do yourself. The franchisor should be aggressively developing commercials (TV / Radio), direct mail campaigns, and public and media relations efforts. If the franchisor says that they just advertise through direct mail, alarms should go off. It takes a lot to build a successful brand.
  4. Training. Not only should you have go through training school when you launch your business but the franchisor should provide ongoing training programs to you and your staff.
  5. Ongoing Support. Franchisors should have hotlines to call for technical support. They should be able to advise within hours on employee, insurance and accounting issues. And they should have field operations staff who both visit frequently (not once a year) and are sticklers in keeping operation standards to a tee.

Mark Siebert, one of the industry's most famous franchise consultants, speaks more of this passion for quality control in an Entrepreneur article:

Ultimately, the development of any great franchise is about the development of a great brand. And great brands are a result of consistency in execution. Ray Kroc, who first led McDonald's franchise efforts, is said to have picked up trash in his franchisee's parking lots. His message came through loud and clear.

The best franchisors are passionate about quality. While they may be open to innovation, the best franchisors are uncompromising when it comes to brand standards. They set these standards and are willing to spend the time and money to ensure these standards are strictly enforced.

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