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Green Challenge Issued To Worldwide Franchise Owners

Today is Blog Action Day (October 15, 2007). Since I am a franchise industry blogger, I am putting a challenge out to the entire global franchise industry........... It is time for our industry to see the light! 

CflsIf you are a franchise owner...If you are the franchisor...If you have the ability to influence buying decisions..Here is something you can do to be green.

Replace your old, non-energy efficient light bulbs with CFL's! By purchasing energy efficient light bulbs for your retail, restaurant, office, or home based environments, you can impact your own business, and the entire world!

Here is how we all benefit:

  1. Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL's) use between one-fifth and one-quarter of the power of  a regular, everyday incandescent lamp.This saves you money!
  2. CFL's do not put out as much heat as incandescent lamps, so indoor temperatures are lower.In the summer, the energy savings are obviously lower, because air conditioning output is decreased, and in the colder months, depending on the the type of heating system being used, the cost may increase or decrease minimally in total cost, because of the environmental impact of changing to CFL's.
  3. Mercury amounts used in the production of CFL's are capped voluntarily by the light bulb manufacturers, which helps when it comes to the disposal of them, when used up.Landfills win out, because not as much mercury seeps into the soil. Also, lower amounts of mercury are emitted from incinerators where the bulbs are disposed of.  (Read a more detailed report on CFL's, here)

Let's show the world that the global franchise industry cares!


This article contributed by Joel Libava, one of Blue Mau Mau's earliest members, and just posted on his- The Franchise King Blog to help celebrate Blog Action Day

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