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The Sona MedSpa Tragedy Continues

It is difficult to reconcile facts with statements made by the former owners of Sona MedSpa. According to the May 29, 2007 Sona MedSpa Franchisor Press Release "Sona MedSpa Plans for Growth After a Favorable Arbitration Ruling" Heather Rose, CEO of Sona MedSpa stated, “This case was one of a string of cases brought against us. The coordinated attack on our business has utterly failed. We are pleased with the result of this arbitration, and even more pleased that our franchise partners are enjoying prosperity in their Sona MedSpa businesses.” The question remains which Sona franchise partners were or are enjoying prosperity?

The facts are that over the last month Sona MedSpa, Sacremento, CA went bankrupt. This was one of the first existing Sona MedSpa franchisees and as such was used as a reference site to sell other franchise prospects. And two of the three Sona MedSpas in Chicago, IL were sold to the NuU MedSpa chain after the original Sona MedSpa owner went through substantial moneys. This means that out of the 45 Sona MedSpas which existed during the Jim Amos and Heather Rose tenure now 30 or two thirds (66.6%) of them have gone bankrupt, closed their doors, or sold to others and generally at "fire sale prices."

This is a true American Tragedy. I knew both of these franchisee families and they are good honest people. Why are franchise leaders like Jim Amos and Heather Rose allowed to "spin away" the truth with no consequences?

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My name is Kempton J. Coady, III and I was one of the litigants against Sona in a recent arbitration against them. My management responsibilities included divisions of companies up to $300 million in size. The companies I have worked for include Philips Medical Systems, Pfizer Medical Systems, Corning Medical Systems, etc. I have been a CEO, President, VP of Marketing, VP of Business Development, etc. Earned BS (Bates College ‘70), MBA and MPS (Cornell University ‘74).

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