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5 Basic Tech Skills for the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you may feel that you can't spare the time to learn new technical skills. On the other hand, you know that in today's high-tech world, lack of technical knowledge can put you and your business considerably behind others who are more technically informed.

Here are five tech skills that you may want to consider learning to advance and enhance your business:


As one of the simplest coding languages that exists, HTML is a good place to start. It's fairly quick and easy to learn, but really opens up the possibilities of what small business owners can do online.

Anita O'Malley, CEO of the small digital marketing agency Leadarati, says, "One tech language I learned early on was HTML coding. To me, it's as important as learning how to speak. It helped me not only refine the emails and websites my staff produces for our clients, but also create and maintain our own site. And because I know HTML, I am now able to understand what can and cannot be accomplished for my clients, along with realistic timelines. In addition, I've cut expenses by approximately 25% because once my web designer finishes a project, I can make any client revisions and save billable hours."

Hope Bertram, founder and CEO of marketing event/consulting company Digital Megaphone, also saved money by learning HTML. "My knowledge of HTML has allowed me to quickly build sites vs paying tens of thousands of dollars outsourcing the work," she says. "It's also allowed me to create landing and lead pages as well as make changes on the fly rather than waiting for someone else." — Laurence Bradford, Forbes

The other four skills Bradford suggests that you should consider are: 2. Excel, 3. QuickBase, 4. WordPress, and 5. SEO and Internet Marketing.

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