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Domino's Says Customer Database Too Private to Share

Having an enormous database of customers, cell phone numbers and addresses from around the country, Domino's Pizza LLC is subject to speculation about abuse of that personal information.

One such article was in a CNET news article, The Internet, a Private Eye's Best Friend. A Brooklyn private investigator, Steven Rambam, observes in the article that the Internet is a goldmine for getting personal information. The article elaborates, "Rambam also gets information from marketing databases that gather information on people's buying habits and preferences from frequent-customer cards, surveys, product registrations, actual transactions, and other activities." It then quotes Rambam, saying, "Domino's has built the biggest consumer database in America, and the U.S. Marshals Service, the New York Police Department and collection agencies are using it to track people down."

Responding to a phone call from Blue MauMau and a follow-up email, Mr. Tim McIntyre, Vice President of Communications at Domino's, issued this statement a few minutes ago that such claims are simply not true.

"We do not sell or give away our customer lists to anyone, despite what this individual claims. He's grossly misinformed. Our customer lists are too important to us, and the trust we have with our customers is too valuable to break. There is no upside for us at all in sharing the information.

There have been a few instances in which our legal department has received subpoenas from law enforcement agencies who want to tie a specific address to a cell phone number. In those cases, we only provide that information - we do not share entire lists. Any business receiving a subpoena from a law enforcement agency is going to cooperate, of course. In the cases in which we have cooperated, the information has led to the arrest of drug dealers and murderers.
For that, we will not apologize.

As for the accusation that we share information with collection agencies: again, false. Do we use this information to collect money owed to us? Yes, occasionally. That is the only time we would use that kind of information. We do not sell or share it with others.

I hope that clears up any questions you have regarding this issue.

Tim McIntyre

A voice mail and an email has been sent to Mr. Steve Rambam. This story will be updated when a response is received.

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