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President-Elect Barack Obama's First Job

Baskin-Robbins King St.
Honolulu Baskin Robbins where teenager Obama worked. Photo/Pualani.

HONOLULU (Blue MauMau) — Back in 1979, who would have thought that the ice cream scooper in a Honolulu Baskin-Robbins would one day become the President of the United States? President-elect Barack Obama worked at this South King Street ice cream shop (pictured at left), located on a major street named after the Hawaiian kings who used to take it in a bygone era. About a mile down the road it passes in front of Iolani Palace. The shop is conveniently located within walking distance of where Barack lived, which again is conveniently located very close to Punahou, the exclusive school he attended.

The workers and manager at the ice cream shop confirmed that Mr. Obama worked there. Unfortunately, no one remembers him because back then they weren't there. The present franchise owner didn't buy this Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop, part of the Dunkin' Brands, until later.

BR Interior
Inside shop. Photo/Pualani

But it is with pride that workers know this is the same path that the future President trod.

In a television interview aired this past Sunday on 60 Minutes, the President-elect said he persistently pursued a reluctant Michelle, who felt that their relationship should be kept strictly business since they worked at the same law firm and she was assigned to be his mentor. His persistence paid off. She started to think that a different kind of relationship with him might not be such a bad idea, and he “sealed the deal” at yet another Baskin-Robbins, in Chicago. They married in 1992.

Tourists now come to see Obama’s old haunts in Honolulu. (This CBS video covers the tours , which include the King Street Baskin-Robbins.)

A short video of Obama talking about his first job.

A Google street map of the Baskin-Robbins store (see star), 1618 South King Street Honolulu, HI

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