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6 Free Franchises

Some time ago I wrote a blog on the wonders of ‘free’ franchises when an article on Jumping J Jays in Australia prompted me.  Win a ‘free’ franchise … and pay for it forever. 

The response to that blog was quite good but had it not been for the efforts of the franchisor to dispel the ‘lies’ I don’t believe we would have had as many come out of the woodwork to smoke him.  John Newton; I appreciate your assistance.

I have recently received 2 messages from JJays ex-franchisees who tell me that many in that network are doing much the same as Forte franchisees where they too have the upper hand over a financially weak franchisor whose ‘bluff’ was called.

Now; .... franchisees who have invested see the franchisor devaluing the brand to capture another contract term and inescapable royalty revenue. This could be said to be nothing more than a desperate act of franchisor survival.  Free Franchise

So apparently the ‘free’ won’t last that long.

And now, for your reading pleasure … Childsplay … with their unique 6 pack of ‘free’ FranWhacks. 

ChildsPlay Marketing CEO, Daniel Rechnitzer, has announced that he will give away six of his franchises, each valued at more than $35,000.

This ‘gift’ is currently being promoted by Inside Franchising.

One of my concerns is that while some prospects may be performing some rudimentary due diligence and finding these model FranWhacks on the internet; others may not find their franchise of choice and consider that to be relief. 

Finding out before signing that your ‘franchise of choice’ would have become your little bundle of terror is one thing but how many don’t realize that expert due diligence is much more than a ‘Google’ and ‘advice’ from cheap ‘experts’?

There have been many scams and franwhacks exposed and most eventually fall under the media axe.  But if I said that there were 10 rogue systems operating for every one we hear about how far wrong would I be?  Will any ratio change as the axe gets sharper?

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