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6 Top Associations for the Small Business Owner

Small business associations can expand the knowledge, horizons, camaraderie and influence of an entrepreneur. Here are six strong ones to consider:

1. SBA Community Groups

The Small Business Administration does more than offer low-cost SBA loans to business owners: they’re also a great resource for all kinds of advice and networking opportunities. You can take classes in business management and financing, for example, and meet other entrepreneurs in your area.

Whether you use your SBA community group as a resource in and of itself, or as a jumping-off point to get help from your local peers, this is one business association you definitely shouldn’t miss.   

Also, be sure to check out the SBA’s listings of events and learning center programs, Find your local community groups—along with your nearby regional and district SBA offices, Small Business Development Centers, and more—on the SBA’s locator page. — Jared Hecht, Forbes

Read about the other five associations here.



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