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Wellness Group Defends Carol Brothers, Throws Boroian under Bus

AUSTIN — The management and staff of PWC Holdings, LLC, issued a memorandum this week defending senior project manager Carol Myers Brothers, who has a long association with troubled Donald Boroian and his Francorp Inc. development firm.

The memo states that some questions have arisen concerning Brothers’ character and business ethics, but insists that they are unfounded.  “For the record, at no time has Carol Myers Brothers ever been charged with any crime nor has she ever had a civil judgment against her.” They also explain that any information contrary to their statement is “rumor and innuendo from mostly uninformed outsiders quoting primarily disgruntled discharged employees and service providers.”

Undisclosed sources believe that the bulletin was issued while Brothers was interviewing candidates for employment opportunities she advertised on Craig’s List, prior to setting up seminars this summer for a physician wellness center program. She offers applicants a two-month probation period as 1099 contract employees, but requiring that they must quit their current employment immediately. If permanently hired, they are promised a salary of $60,000.00 a year.   

The memo admits Brothers has had a few failures in her 30-year career in franchise and business development. First, her Pop-In-Maid Service became the victim of growing too fast, to the point where her support staff could not handle the operation. “Because of the extensive support infrastructure needed to support franchises . . . the company became unsustainable.” As a result, it explains that Brothers “was associated with a bankruptcy filing and discharge in 1985.” The memo also blames the failure on Boroian, stating, “Francorp, a well-known franchise consulting firm from Chicago, Illinois guided Ms. Myers [Brothers] in the creation and franchise development of the business from its inception.” 

Ms. Myers then found herself having to file yet another franchising firm bankruptcy.The bulletin elaborates on Brother’s experience getting involved in the health, wellness and fitness industry. They credit her with developing a highly successful Doctor’s Academy in Orlando where she taught practitioners how to build a “cash-based well-care focused practice and innovative ways to ethically attract health-minded practitioners.” From that she developed the concept known as Doctors Wellness Centers of America, LLC, which evolved into the South Beach Wellness franchise.

Again, Brothers turned to Boroian and Francorp for guidance in 2003, and the franchise program progressed until 2006, according to the PWC memo. Then the franchise company took a turn. PWC explains that the franchise failed when South Beach investors, relatively wealthy master franchisees, threatened a lawsuit against Brothers if she did not turn over her majority interest to them. When she refused, the franchisees filed a lawsuit against her, South Beach, Francorp and Boroian to recover their investments. PWC explains, “The suit focused on the activities of Francorp and its President Don Boroian, not just Ms. Myers. The stress and financial burden created by the lawsuit caused Ms. Myers to file for bankruptcy.”

PWC Holdings’ memo states that Myers was dismissed from the South Beach lawsuit shortly after it began, adding, “In an unconnected matter, Mr. Boroian was charged and found guilty of income tax evasion in regard to the Francorp business. Obviously, Ms. Myers had no relationship or participation to those allegations.”


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