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Larry King to Become Bagel Baron

Larry King, with Steven Fassberg and Scott Harris 
Brooklyn Bagel CEO Fassberg, TV host Larry King and COO Harris

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Television show host Larry King, who announced his retirement last week from CNN, has since reported new beginnings. He has signed a franchise agreement for a Florida-based bagel company, and will do double duty as the company spokesperson.

In August of last year, The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Franchise Co., Inc., set up a company-owned bagel shop in Delray Beach, Florida. The shop creates what it bills as “Brooklynized water,” a sort of replicated finest Brooklyn municipal tap water, the mother’s milk of some of the world’s most renown bagels. That special blend of water from a fourteen-step patented technology, which Brooklyn Water Bagel owns, is also bottled and sold.

The franchisor plans to aggressively take its ten-month old store model and establish clones throughout the country via franchising. Although now small, the growing franchise system has behind it Larry Feldman, CEO of Subway Development Corp., the largest Subway sandwich shop franchisee, who is on Brooklyn Water Bagel’s advisory board.

And now Larry King.

King will help play a key role in getting the brand recognized. As part of his deal, the television talk-show host, known throughout the world, will promote the company in print, radio and Internet promotions. He will also become a southern California franchisee, with plans to open a first shop in Beverly Hills.

Steve Fassberg, president and CEO of the franchising firm, said that King had agreed to assist with the company's domestic and international franchise seminars and training. "What an honor to have someone with the international stature of Larry King become involved with our company as it grows nationally and worldwide," said Fassberg, whose franchising office is next to the bagel shop. "His Brooklyn roots, his business savvy and his passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle made it a natural fit with our core mission."

King is no stranger to restaurant ownership. He was born in Brooklyn, New York to a father who was a restaurant owner.

"I was intrigued to hear about the technology behind Brooklynized water, as many people thought it couldn't be done," King said. "But after experiencing the product first hand, Brooklyn Water Bagel brought back childhood memories — one bite and I was back in Brooklyn."

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