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Behind the Counter: Untold Story of Franchising

CNBC airs Behind the Counter: The Inside Story of Franchising on Wednesday
Dog bliss at a Camp Bow Wow?, photo/CNBC trailer

Englewood Cliffs, NJ  — CNBC will air its hour-long look at franchising, in  "Behind the Counter: The Untold Story of Franchising." Reporter Darren Rovell takes an inside look at franchising, not an easy feat, and reveals the surprising realities.The program visits Don Sniegowski, reporter and founder of franchise news site Blue MauMau.

The program will show the back operations of Five Guys’ success and see how it’s filtered down the supply chain to the one businessman, Rick Miles, who supplies all the potatoes that go into its famous fries. CNBC's reporter Darren Rovell will interview enthusiastic pet lovers, who want a piece of the $35 billion pet care business and hope that Heidi Ganahl, founder of the Camp Bow Wow doggie day care model, will show them the way.

The show explores why Procter & Gamble is dipping its giant toes into the franchising waters and hoping that a new chain of Tide-branded dry cleaners and Mr. Clean car washes will increase its $79 billion in annual revenues. And it looks at second- and third-generation frachise operators who are Dunkin’ Donuts owners of Southeast Asian descent. It will show how Dunkin' Donuts helped this group follow its American Dream, and the high degree of professionalism that returns to their family-owned businesses.

Behind the Counter premieres Wednesday, December 15 at 9pm ET. The documentary will repeat that evening at 10pm ET, 12am ET and 1am ET. The show will also repeat on Sunday, December 19, at 10pm ET.

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