General advice relating to the acquisition and opration of franchises, primarily from a legal perspective.

Caterer Warns about Leases: ‘Know Your Rights’

A Virginia small business woman, Janel Anderson, learned the hard way that she didn't have the rights she thought she had when she leased commercial space for her catering business. She wants to warn others to "Know your rights."

The problem began when the roof at Anderson's business started to leak. She says it soon began leaking like a sieve.

“Leaks were everywhere. We didn’t have enough trash cans and buckets to stop the leaks from happening,” said Anderson.

8 Operating Cost Issues for Franchise Tenants

Franchise tenants are rarely happy with their operating costs; at best, they’re ambivalent to them and, at worst, they’re upset with them. The two issues that most upset franchise tenants are ever-increasing operating costs and the landlord’s lack of attention to fully maintaining the commercial property.

Don't Put Too Much Faith in Learning from Failure

We have heard and most of us believe that we learn from failure. But what's the evidence that corroborates that? Perhaps our belief on failure followed by success doesn't rest on a solid foundation, writes Professor Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies and economics at Case Western University.

Boost Profits by Joining Forces with Other Small Business Owners

 Small business owners can boost profits, cut down on costs and gain more customers by working synergistically with their next-door business neighbors. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Advertise together

Look at all the businesses around you and figure out a way to group them together. It could be by shopping plaza, by neighborhood, or even by town.

Total Digital Business Intelligence Is Real Close

I don’t know about you, but my music collection is totally digital. I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD, let alone wandered the music aisles of any store. All the CDs we own – some sort of silicon insurance policy, I guess – are gathering dust in the rafters of our garage. And while I like music, and we have certainly added to our music collection, I am nowhere in the realm of others that I know when it comes to collecting.