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Airbnb Planning to Expand into All-Inclusive Bookings

Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, in Australia early this week, made clear that his ambitions for the company extend far beyond its spectacular growth thus far.

The 10-year old Silicon Valley start-up operates as a way for hosts to rent a spare room, or their entire home, to a traveller, but the future of the platform is a more complete “end-to-end” trip experience.

“Our ambitions extend far beyond accommodations,” Mr Gebbia told journalists in Sydney on Monday. — Chris Kohler, Domain

He sees Airbnb expanding from lodging to handling travelers' entire trips, including transportation, tours and tickets:

“I think people use about 10 different apps to coordinate an entire trip, so we ask the question: why? Couldn’t you have one place to go to put your whole trip together?” — Kohler, Domain

The company has already made a start with "Experiences" and "Restaurants" buttons prominently displayed on its website.

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