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Founder and owner of, Thomas Retterbush, a recovering drug addict also diagnosed with clinical depression, is continuing his path of redemption as an activist blogger.


After launching, which is meant to be his bread and butter, "Tom" found that it was harder than he had first thought to make a living online. No matter how hard he tried, he admits that his AssEtEbook Supersite barely covers his expenses, much less pays his bills.

"Nobody wants to pay for an ebook nowadays," he is quoted as saying, "everybody wants everything for free."

Still he continues to "make it work" while also being an activist blogger, launching sites such as, Tom Retterbush, Investigator, Tom Retterbush, Activist and Tom Retterbush's Redemption as well as being active with causes such as Stop the Violence, Stand Up for Veterans and

However, he dreams of the chance to be able to start organizations and launch websites to help addicts recover from their addictions and those suffering from depression cope with their illnesses, issues he has been struggling with as long as he can remember.

"At least I am drug free, honest, legal and productive now," he says, "success will come sooner or later," although he knows as well as anybody that he has already succeeded

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