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Top Legal Pitfalls To Avoid in Buying a Franchise

Mr. John Cereso, a franchise lawyer with Cereso & Associates of Nevada brings up top legal pitfalls to avoid in buying a franchise.

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John Callahan Talks About Cert-A-Roof

Blue MauMau's interview at the National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show in Las Vegas, NV January 22, 2006.with John Callahan, President  of Cert-A-Roof Int'l LLC.

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Int'l Franchise Expo 2006

An audio interview of Richard Macaluso, Show Director for MFV Expositions, organizers of the 2006 International Franchise Expo in Washington, D.C. The show had over 10,000 attendees looking at a record 325 plus franchise exhibits.

This interview is in mp3 format and can be heard using Windows Media Player, Real Player or most media players.

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Interview on Using Retirement Funds to Buy a Franchise

Mr. Blue MauMau interviews President Steven Cooper and CFO Karen Franklin of SDCooper Company about using retirement funds to fund a franchise without tax penalties. And it's all legal.

This interview is in mp3 audio format.

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Interview with CEO of Cartridge World

An interview with Burt Yarkin, CEO of Cartridge World about buying a franchise

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Interview With Kentucky Fried Chicken's First Franchise

Jay AlexanderThe World's first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1952 and it is a pivotal moment for the development of the modern business format franchise.  This is one of a three part series on the history of Harman Cafe featuring Kentucky Fried Chicken with Harman Management spokesperson Mr. Jay Alexander, Operations Liaison (pictured next to the statues of Colonel Harland Sanders and Pete Harman). 

The KFC website has this to say about Pete Harman and KFC's beginnings:

After meeting his close friend and skilled businessman, Pete Harman, Colonel Sanders cashed in his $105 Social Security check to begin franchising his dream.

This is an audio podcast of Pete Harman's KFC story. 

15:18 minutes (1.98 MB)

Beginnings of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Part 2

Harman First KFC FranchiseThis is Part 2 on the beginnings of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The world's first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1952. This is an interview with Mr. Jay Alexander, Operations Liaison and spokesperson for Kentucky Fried Chicken's first franchisee, Harman Management.

In this interview, Mr. Alexander recalls how the franchise grows and the leeway in the beginning to experiment. Harman's Cafe retains its name but features KFC. It develops out of state to a point where now it has some 325 restaurants.

14:32 minutes (2.5 MB)

Detroit National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show

An interview with the organizer of Detroit's National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show. U.S. Show Manager Ken Muir sat down with Mr. Blue MauMau to discusses how a franchise show can help in the selection process, this year's attendance in Detroit, and Ford's laying off of employees.

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Dreyer Honda, Honda's Oldest Dealership

Three generations of franchisees are represented at Dreyer Honda.

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Associations Make Better Franchises

Justin Klein

In this new Podcast series, Blue MauMau spends five to ten minutes on key issues facing the franchise industry with top leaders and future game changers. Each interviewee discusses one issue.

One of the industry's foremost franchisee attorneys, Justin Klein of New Jersey-based law firm Marks & Klein LLP, speaks about why franchisees need independent associations and cooperatives with functional responsibilities.

9:21 minutes (4.28 MB)

PODCAST: California State Senators Hear Franchise Owners Speak on Need for Good Faith in Franchise Relations

(PODCAST) SACRAMENTO — California state senators listened to franchise owners and associations ask for passage of Senate Bill 610 yesterday. Authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson [D-Santa Barbara], the bill was crafted to bolster good faith in a franchisor's dealings with franchisees and the right to associate without fear of reprisal.

21:23 minutes (4.9 MB)