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Dreyer Honda, Honda's Oldest Dealership

Three generations of franchisees are represented at Dreyer Honda.

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Queensland Parliament - Need for Franchise Law Reform

AUSTRALIA - Queensland's member of parliament David Gibson delivers a speech to parliament tonight calling for a law that regulates franchisee and franchisor relationships.

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Why Do Franchisees Need a Bill of Rights?

Hardee's Franchisee Dave Glodowski

This morning the news story broke on a universal bill of rights for franchisees, drafted through the Coalition of Franchisee Associations.The CFA, which represents franchisees with some of America's largest brands, from Subway to Burger King, Meineke to Supercuts, wants franchisees across the board to study the bill of rights, discuss it, make suggestions, then give it a yes or no vote.

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Built to Last, New York's Century-Old Hotels

Author and hotel consultant Stanley Turkel
Traymore Hotel of Atlantic City, N.J. was built in 1879. Photo posted by ibsut

Hotel consultant and author Stanley Turkel speaks about thirty-two hotels in New York that were built to last.

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Former Multiunit Franchisee Paints Dim Picture of Cold Stone Creamery

former Cold Stone Creamery multiunit franchisee Frank Caperino of San Diego
Former Cold Stone Creamery multiunit franchisee Frank Caperino

SAN DIEGO — Former Cold Stone Creamery multiunit franchise owner and once president of its franchisee association, Frank Caperino, speaks with Blue MauMau about how Cold Stone Creamery has lost the love of the brand. Caperino paints a dim scene scene of buying and running a franchise with under the Cold Stone Creamery brand.

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Against the Odds: How a State Law Protecting Franchisees Was Written and Passed

Ohio attorney Stanley M Dub
Ohio franchise attorney Stanley M Dub

Attorney Stanley M. Dub of Ohio speaks with Blue MauMau on the difficulty that franchisees have in revising state laws to be more favorable to their needs. He should know. Stan was the key draftsman of Ohio's recently revised Business Opportunity Law that launched important new protections for franchise owners.

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