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Maine Lawmakers Listen to Franchisees and Franchisors

Jim Coen testifies before Maine lawmakers on how this bill will help franchisees in its state
Franchise expert Jim Coen testifies in support of bill, photo/wolak

BLUE MAUMAU PODCAST - Maine state senators and representatives listened Wednesday afternoon to a filled room of franchisees and some franchisors argue for and against Maine's LD 1458, the Maine Small Business Investment Protection Act.

172:40 minutes (9.88 MB)

Hotel CEO Roger Bloss Finds Soccer Friends in Mumbai Walk

Kids playing soccer in Goa, India
Children playing soccer in India. Photo by Officina del Sorriso 3

In the spirit of the holiday season, Blue MauMau is publishing a story that Roger Bloss of Vantage Hotels told us in an exclusive interview during his company’s annual conference in Las Vegas a year ago.

2:30 minutes (1.2 MB)

CEO Bloss Talks about Hospitality's Kickback Problem

Raining Money

LAS VEGAS—CEO Roger Bloss spoke with Blue MauMau about the problems of bribes and kickbacks in the hotel industry during his company’s annual conference a year ago in Las Vegas.

4:16 minutes (3.2 MB)

Vantage CEO and COO on the Benefits of a Hotel Republic

Canada Best Value Inn hotel owner in Whitehorse votes for North American brand initiatives
Canadas Best Value Inn member Daniel Jung from Whitehorse, Yukon votes with a device in real time on North American brand initiatives.Photo/bmm

LAS VEGAS – What works best in a chain of franchisees? A strong top-down approach for a unified standard, where a few franchisees simply advise a franchisor? Or a bottom-up approach of licensees who decide the brand’s own collective fate?

6:56 minutes (1.82 MB)

California Franchisee Protection Bill Passes Final Committee

The streets of San Francisco
Franchises throughout California, including those on the streets of San Francisco, could see protection. photo/Thomas Hawk

SACRAMENTO — Despite heavy lobbying from the International Franchise Association against the bill, franchisee-sponsored Senate Bill 610 passed its last committee hearing in the California Assembly this morning.

49:06 minutes (16.86 MB)

PODCAST: California State Senate Debate on SB610 Franchise Bill

SACRAMENTO—Late yesterday afternoon California's state senate voted 23 to 9 in favor of Senate Bill 610.

23:30 minutes (8.07 MB)