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Australia Post Worthless

Australia PostWhen I first began discussing the Australia Post agenda with colleagues back in 2009 it seemed most considered my conclusions on the Australian icon simply too bizarre. There was no mention from mainstream media in Australia as it protected one of its largest advertisers. 

Now we have a franchisee with the intestinal fortitude to take on the giant Australian government owned franchise in Federal Court claiming the franchisor has totally destroyed the value of franchises.

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission received complaints by industry bodies such as the CEPU, Post Office Agents Association and the Consumers' Association of Western Australia following the decision to turn some branches into franchises for reasons relating to the wages of employees, productivity and price increases. SmartCompany

Australia Post made a decision to remodel the business to maximise efficiencies and profit with a network of super-stores to catch the massively increasing online purchasing business. It is no secret that the market shifted but now the business no longer centred on mail delivery making the large franchisee network somewhat outdated. Its moves wiped out the value of every franchise.     

I had plans to buy two or three over the years and on sell them in the future. But now they've effectively scrapped the whole thing, no one wants to go near them. There's no market there and the franchises are next to worthless.John Christensen.

Australia Posts tactics to shut down complaint and remove franchisees has been a filthy affair and I first reported on it here in 2011.

There are no moves by the Australian government to assist Australia Post franchisees with the change in the market other than to ramp up the closures of it's businesses across Australia and much to the dismay of the public.

And then again;

Many Licensees have been subjected to security raids by AP, for breaches of the agreement. AP has clearly breached the agreement, yet feels justified in home invasions, and office raids, completely in breach of the stated terms of our agreement.  BMM 2012

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