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Australian Gov't Sweet Talks Small Biz

Australian FlagThe Australian government has finally come to its senses and appears genuine in its courting of small business. Like a sweet young boy carrying flowers and chocolates ready for his first date; but we know what both are really after.

The party of the blue-collar "worker", recast in the late 20th century as the party of the "employee" more generally, is attempting to become the party of the self-employed and the small employer. SmartCompany

For those who follow any election folly there is nothing here that strays too far from historical small business promises or the colourful traditions of wooing.

Submitted Comment (bottom of article): No matter what the Labor trickery or spin, any betting Australian would take short odds on an LNP victory. Small folk Australians have been treated particularly shabbily by the Rudd and Gillard governments and the latter’s dogmatic attempts to get back to surplus at any cost to the future of this country.

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